Tiny Finger Point Hand With Heart pandaroma: March 2010

30 March 2010


Hi, readers XD. Have you read the newspaper DONG HAI AN BAN?

There got our school's photo...Or here:

Yeah, The Green house wons everything :) , but..... except the highest marks . The blue house wins the highest marks. Congratulation.....ʘ‿ʘ

BYE~ (。◕‿◕。)

28 March 2010


Yeah! Today no homework to do in home , because I had already done them at School.

Btw, Tomorrow is Hari Sukan, So........ no study le.... ( \ _ / )... I had nothing to write here


Lastly, Nothing to post here ............ then........................


26 March 2010

Chinese Writting

Hi peeps ,
seems that i long time no post for this blog .
So today i wanna clean those stupid dust and garbage on my blog ! (:
hahaha :D

SO >>>

Today I went to the chinese writting competition in Parkson.
And i met .....
Xin Min, Shu Wei, Siew Ying(Fan), Sue Ming . They were with me all the time . i was glad to be with them .

I enjoy my play there .. although i didn't get prize (:
Frankly ,
Congratulation to Xin Min, Shu Wei and Siew Ying .....(*_<)
They were awesome writers :D i will try my best in another competition
It's late now and the clock shows 11.15 pm

kthxbais , thanks for reading anyway ^^

08 March 2010

Exam Day

Chinese New Year just passed a few days. Want to study le... Exam kinda easy. This few days , I've played PET SOCIETY on FACEbook. If you play this game, you will get 3,000 $ (free).

Haiz, Exam still got ko-kurikulum ! NOT FAIR :C !

Yeah! Tomorrow is the final day of the exam. I think many of you didn't open computer these three days? Btw, Tomorrow KAO3 English ! Teacher Wee said we must unless get 80% or we'll get the ANG PAO of ROTTAN !!!

Here's my Happy baby photos.

Bye Bye :B Thank You for reading !! Have a nice day!!!