Tiny Finger Point Hand With Heart pandaroma: August 2010

31 August 2010


Finally, I quit the English tuition- Teacher Winnie , but not just me, my classmate who named Shannen Foo quited too. Don't ask me why, even you beg me So her mom help me and her find the better English teacher, the teacher is Teacher AmmyFoo (sorry if i spell wrong her name ) Tomorrow will start the tuition (so fast) btw, my english gets 80% only

Ee Wai (my best classmate) will "fly" to Hong Kong soon

Today is the National day- Hari Merdeka . The Malaysians celebrate it at every year of 31 August. Malaysia is 53 now But sadly, no channel to watch on TV got that Malays walk here shout there, then got malay's cartoons especially UPIN AND IPIN . I hate to watch that show Just don't know why

Happy 17th birthday, Fivi (Phoebe) from doodle-works.blogspot.com hope your wishes come true.

P/s:Currently waiting for the moon cake festival

27 August 2010

cute doodles from friends

Hey ya peeps, sorry for long time didn't updating there. Guess what? I am feeling better now. So I am back to blogging :) Currently , I have vector a CGs to show you : (an orange and a rabbit ) I think CGs-ing is better than making scribble . It looks clearer and cuter if you compare to my scribble . yeah ? just view at my resource site. http://strawdomo.info/

Yay for the upcoming holidays :D BTW, I finally got my result of my examination
These few days I have received gifts from my friends.

(thanks Sin Ying(my sister)

(thanks Audrey)

17 August 2010

quick post

My another drawing - exam stress :D
Quick post here ~
Sorry for didn't update here, but now I have updated Exam Hiatus is finished btw, super happy
Yeah! Finally, my exam are over now! currently I'm waiting for my result Didn't you guys check out the new Starberries's updates? Do comment there
Okay, I have to go now. Thanks for reading my post and.... Bye

14 August 2010


Still on Exam Hiatus now. I love to drawing doodles now . It takes me many ideas to draw them. I want to fill this post with a doodle. You can grab it but you must credit me. enjoy using it.

lily.png (179×247)

This is my first doodle of people :)

This doodle give me spent 60 minutes to draw finish, because the hardest part is head, needed draw circle -.-"

Wohoo! Finally, I can make transparent background on my resource site, by clicking here

I think I will draw many doodles at this school holidays. BTW, I'm ready for the bahasa, penulisan and the mathematics (section 2) exam :)

Currently, received a gift here:
SIN+LI.jpg (162×77)

thanks Gabriella ~ :) I'm lovin' it :D

Click here, if you didn't click, i know you will regret *bwahaha XD

Ends here now ^u^

04 August 2010

will be back

Just a quick post here, no emoticon to put :(

Short H I A T U S only. It is because my school will have a test. Sorry guys, I will be back when It's holiday or I have done my homework. These days are quite busy lately, because of my homework, so many like hill one. My resource site is Hiatus too, no updates then.

Now many people hiatus. I think they are busy of homeworks too :C Leave me a tag before you leave. So, now I want to do is homework-ing :D My friends at my class also as same as me, they cannot open their computer, so they need to wait until holidays.

Ends here now :/

02 August 2010


The doodles I have draw here
Nice? Ugly? Comment me at my tagboard ^^
Thanks :D
Baby Bean
The fruits
Smiley face

01 August 2010

My drawing doodle- coffee
Received a gift from Audrey here
It is a cute blue bear, thanks Audrey

The good news of today is...
My fish finally lays it little fishes ! She lays about 13 child fishes in the tank . They are so tiny and short, because they are just a baby fish.

To Audrey Jan :
I will upload the baby fishes SOON !!

Anyways, exam will coming soon . 60% ready for the exam, 40% not