Tiny Finger Point Hand With Heart pandaroma: September 2010

26 September 2010


Doodled my square kitty doll thingy. CLICK HERE TO SEE IT + MY TABLET. *A*;; (People keep asking me about what tablet I use.)
Sorry readers, for not posting during these days, because i'm kinda busy this lately. I like this Hat Yai(Thailand) trip so much! Their food was sort of peppery , but it is delicious I will talk about this trip start here

16 September 2010
This is the first day of the trip, about 5.30pm (Thailand time) arrive Hat Yai My Ah Tiew picked us from the train station , then we rushed to the Thailand master there to treat my hand So painful, at least my hand is well. He use some oil to loose my hand's bone Okay, I don't write more about it, just skip about it

17 September 2010
Second day of the trip During the morning, we ate breakfast at a sushi restaurant Later, we went to a shopping mall named Robinson , then we go to the Carrefour to eat our dinner I'm lazy to upload those photos, so you can view those photos at my sister's site

18 September 2010
Last day of the trip. We take the train to go home. About 11.30pm (Malaysia time) I have arrived to the Malaysia to Golok train station Soon we went home. My tuition starts about 2.00pm but I 2.12pm go there, so late.

End here now! BYE!

13 September 2010


Well, Hello again! Today is the final day in the school holiday , my cousins from KL have already back to her houseTime flies very fast during this school holidays WOHOO!!! I'm going to Hatyai ( Thailand's place) at 16th SeptemberLuckily, i didn't have to go to school on that "Satu Malaysia" day I will go there 3 days, sleep there 2 nights

BTW, my sister borrowed a pendrive with a movie in it named "PS 男" Just 2 days can watched finish 8 episodes, so inflation. I just watch a little of them My sister opened the movie from 11:30 am until 7:00 pm , of course got rest a while .

UPSR ( the year 6's exam) will coming at 21 September . So , to the year 6's blogger or students at Chung Hwa ,I wish you will get a good mark

These days I'm sort of free. So I have made some buttons for my closest and the most best blogger friend :D

To them : You just copy them and paste at your site. That's all.

This is a CGs cat which was drawn by me. I think it's kind of small , but I hope you like it :) you don't mind, were you?

09 September 2010


Huhu, my birthday passed so many day already Teacher Amy's homework is so many, I think i can't done all of them BTW, I have founded a skin which is same with Sin Ying's you can view the blogskin by clicking here I hate the guy who ripped that skin BTW, my cousins from KL come to my house Her name is HING ROSANNE I hate her so much, because she always make me angry . Her parents too love her, when she want this, her parents buy this, then buy that My cousins who are from Kota Bharu also come to my house to overnight.My cousin and I hate her parents, especially ROSANNE's mother.She is so .... :X I am quite happy because she will go to her home in KL.

Thanks to Luana for the cutie bear