Tiny Finger Point Hand With Heart pandaroma: October 2010

31 October 2010

Happy Halloween

Yesterday, Kelantan had won the football match. So, all the students (except form 4) didn't need to go to school today. Some of my friends go to school to confirm that today didn't have to go to school, then our school's guard said "It's Malay's festival, so didn't need to go to school. Go back home kids. Sorry." It's not a malay festival, today is HALLOWEEN , but our country didn't celebrate it.

BTW, did you guys heard about that Jonghyun had a new girlfriend? Jonghyun has often named Shin Se Kyung as his ideal woman, while Shin Se Kyung chose SHINee as her favorite idol group on broadcast appearances. They have been officially dating for a month, their first meeting being in May at a concert they both participated in. The two advanced on to friends, and now, significant others. MORE?

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27 October 2010

I'm back

Hello :D I'm back to blogging ! My mid-year examination has passed today :D

During the exam, our class were very quiet, especially the English exam. Our teacher was very fierce. If we said any words, she will subtract our marks :( I don't want to talk about this now :D

Last Friday, Ee Wai, Zi Wei ,Chai Xian, Siew Ying(didn't saw her) and me go to parkson there to see our results. So, we search our posters. AHA! I saw Zi Wei's, Chai Xian's, Ee Wai's and mine :D The lion clubs people announced the result, but I didn't won it, so does all my lassmates :( The first place's was very beautiful that you cannot imagine. the 3rd place was my favourite :D The person draws purple background with a flying music, and a pigeon whose body was full of states. That was the BEST poster i had ever seen.

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14 October 2010


Hey ya! sorry for long time didn't post here , I'm kinda busy with my home works this lately. My school homework increase and increase every day. My school had specially held an a competition (just for the year 6 students only) among these days.

Today at my school, while I was sitting at my seat, suddenly kkamjong came to my seat. I think she deliberately want to become my friend again. You know, she is very talkative and very foxy, so everybody hates her very much. She think she just use her "sweet" voice can become my friend? I have an experience that when we are friends. She had use many people in my school. I don't want that happen anymore.

I have just realized that my 2nd best friend, Fan Siew Ying 's mathematics was very fantastic. She always solve the Maths which was given by my teacher correctly.

The good news is, I have reached up to 10 followers :D I know this is too less to the people who had reached more than me.

BTW, my exams are going to start at 25 October , same as my sister I think I'll hiatus for awhile, but I'm not sure yet.

07 October 2010

Today's the Day

Today my school celebrated Children's Day ,so we no need to bring any books to school.This morning when I reached my class, everybody called me and Ee Wai to decorate the blackboard. Me and Ee Wai decided to draw a Domo, she draws the boy one, while i draw the girl's (domo) one. Her drawings are very cute and nice.

At the stadium, there's a clown named " Bean bean clown" . The clown is from Sarawak. The clown picked a year 1 girl as his helping hand, so he gave the girl a balloon as her reward. After that, the clown bring a puppet from his mystery box. It's ELMO :D The clown control the puppet very well. When the clown asked the puppet :"Can you sing Nobody from wonder girls?" then the puppet said:"Okie( acually this is the sound of the puppet)" "Nobody..Nobody..Nobody..Nobody..Nobody.." repeated and repeated, until the clown covered his mouth :D So the clown said to Elmo:" So... Can you sing twinkle twinkle little star?" Elmo said:" Okie" While Elmo sang the twinkle little star song, suddenly Elmo pouts his head to the sky. "What are you doing?"said the clown to Elmo. "I want to find the stars" said Elmo. "This time didn't have star."everybody said. Elmo turned around and said " LOOK! There's many star there." "There's just some paper stars hanging at the board" said the clown.

The clown asked Elmo:" Do you know how to count from one to ten?" "KNOW!!!^^" Elmo said. "One... Two... Three... Four... Nine... Ten..." "WRONG!" said bean bean clown.

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06 October 2010

It's Children's Day

this is a handmade bookmark which is madden by me.

Tomorrow our school is gonna held - children's day. Today all the performers practice their own performs in the stadium, in mandarin it's called "彩排".While during assembly , teacher Chua announced that this year's children's day have new special performances .
They're clowns :) I'm so happy after i heard the announcement , but i never thought teacher would effort such a thing .

We bring many foods during the tea party which was held in my class. Yesterday, my class monitor had brought us to two different places, such as the" kind- hearted Xian (爱心轩)" room and Science Lab. My Maths teacher - Teacher Wong Sin, had asked us to help her arrange the gift bags. There's many kind of colours, such as red, orange, blue and green. I like the green gift bags the most, because it's colour is suitable. " kind- hearted Xian (爱心轩)" - all the year 5's go there to listen about the "Loo"(toilet) thing. They asked us five questions about toilet. My friend, Loo Ya Yin answered the first question. She answered correctly, so she got a notepad as the reward.

03 October 2010

Helloohh :D

Howdy readers Sorry that I haven't update my blog , these days are quite busy SHINee has a new song, I thought that I have heard the song before, actually I haven't heard the song By the way,today is Shannen's birthday , she is extremely happy (i guess LOL)

I'm so excited that the upcoming children's day My school celebrated it every year, but the secondary school didn't celebrate the day Fan Siew Ying( my friend) and me have discussed each other to bring something during the tea party in our class. So I have decided to bring some french fries. Siew Ying said she want to bring the iced sour water to school, just like last year's

Two peoples birthday in a day. Today's Shannen and Siew Ying's brother's birthday. Siew Ying presented her brother new blue file ( she won it by the chinese writting competition ) as her brother's gift . Her Chinese Writting are so amazing and very neat. Whenever she join any chinese writting competition, she never get lose of it, she always wons the competition.

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01 October 2010


Happy Birthday, LILY :) Wishes your wishes come true :D