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22 May 2011

An ordinary day


Hello all!cuteHow have you all been there? I'm back AGAIN!! Anyway, There's a professor came to my school this morning. I'm so glad that the professor had taken my chinese period's time to lecture.
Actually he came to my school to teach us how to relax our mind and it actually works XD
My test results have been calculated :D I was shocked of the result because i got the 13 at my class. I have really improved of my every subjects now, and I got all As' .
This was the first time. I hope I'll get these fantastic results from this time later.:)

For your information, I have already wearing glasses now oh I have checked my eyesight these days. But I won't wearing glasses unless watching the far things. :P
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10 things


.Each tagged person must post ten things about themselves.
.You have to choose and tag ten people.
.Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them.
. No tag backs.
. Have fun.

1 I love to watch Spongebob square pants
2 I love KPOP songs
3 likes to wake lately when there's no school
4 loves to eat chicken
5 kinda like the colour in white
6 hates the person who is good in jealous
7 a domokun lover
8 wearing a spectacle
9 hate boys at my class
10 easily being dreamy

06 May 2011

I'm back again

It's been many weeks that i haven't update this blog, or reply those messages yet. I'm just be ready to face an exam during these days.
Anyway, I have checked my eyesight from the optician. The optician says that I'm gonna wear glasses if I sees kinda blur  So I have less using the computer from that day and I guess I'll hiatus for some month
Okay just skip this part  Honestly, I hate some of those year 5 boys so much. They are so ANNOYING. they like to give anyone kinda "awful" nickname  But now I don't mind, just think that they called another person beside me 
By the Way, my sister had received a cheque from NUFFNANG  For your information, She's waiting for many days for the nuffnang cheque  
And lastly, I hope you all can Vote my sister's blog (Sin Ying) and my sister's friends (Audrey) blog too