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23 June 2011

Something about school

 Finally I have updated a new post here  This year's Father's day is going very well as usual  Anyway, do you all realized that I have changed my blogskin? It's quite simple but I kinda like it

A few days ago, my mum brought me to school to take my report card I saw many classmates and their parents waiting to take the report card  Okay, after some of my classmates taking their report cards, and finally it's my turn. Lol it's the First time I saw my Chinese Teacher is just Nice to us

After she gave me my report card, the teacher suggested me to ask a few Chinese teachers in the hall (because my chinese isn't very good) but I didn't go to the hall because of laziness

By the way, I have been tagged about 10 things about me by some of my lovely affiliates
thanks Gabriella, Lulu and Luana here's something about it
.Each tagged person must post ten things about themselves.
.You have to choose and tag ten people.
.Go to their blogs and tell them you tagged them.
. No tag backs.
. Have fun.

1 I love to watch Spongebob square pants
2 I love KPOP songs
3 likes to wake lately when there's no school
4 loves to eat chicken
5 kinda like the colour in white
6 hates the person who is good in jealous
7 a domokun lover
8 wearing a spectacle
9 hate boys at my class
10 easily being dreamy

*sorry I'm not gonna tag anyone because I have already did it before

Tomorrow I'm going to participate a contest Just wish me luck Recently I have found a funny cartoon from tumblr you won't guess the last cartoon is the Squidward Tentacles