Tiny Finger Point Hand With Heart pandaroma: November 2011

25 November 2011

My Singapore Trip (Part 2)

Finally I'm back with tons of photos  Seriously, I have really enjoyed my trip at Singapore. Especially at the Universal Studio during the second day. Many famous cartoon characters were there.love Unfortunately I didn't take any photos with them.:( And there's some spooky characters too, like Frankenstein and more. Oh alright let's talk about the games at Universal Studios. wow Yay I have ride on a roller coaster twice. They are Revenge of the Mummy and the Dragon roller coaster. Both of them are kinda scary but I like it My friend Fanny and Xiao Ying both ride more than 20 times on the blue and red roller coaster. But I have no guts to ride on them.  And I super love the yellow spinning cup ( a game ) although I felt dizzy :P

Hooray ! I have arrived Universal Studios Singapore~

Group photo . SPOT ME ? :P

my two tickets. One is for entrance while the other one is a voucher for eating.

We queued and waited. And finally we had reached to the Universal Studios.

pretty cool heh?

Just like a small city here. But it was pretty awesome!

This is the Blue and Red roller coaster what I meant. Lol yeah. One word - Scary! 

the big yellow spinning cup

Ee Wai and I while we're at the big yellow cup


Have you ride this roller coaster yet? hehe

Egypt shop nearby and I saw this mummy at the top of the shop.

These two half dog half human are SUPER big.

nearby the rest rooms.

this half dog half human is super big.

Fanny's down there. LOL I just mentioned it.


Madagascar Snack Shack

My friend Xin Min and I when we're riding the Madagascar Mary go round.

Xiao Ying and I

the Zebra and I

Madagascar mary-go-round. And lol did you mentioned the Hippopotamus's butt?!   

Waterworld. One of the most awesome blockbuster show I had ever watched.

The golden enormous crown. And there's water coming out from the top of the crown too!  

Went to the 'Far Far Away' and watched a 4D movie entitled 'Shrek' with my friends. How awesome was it !

We wear a pair of 4D glasses while waiting for the Shrek movie inside the castle. The castle was dark indeed. 

Went outside to walk and I saw this king frog. 

nachos is good, right?

went to a Madagascar boat ride. Saw many foreigners there (o - o)

the New York section. I like the building's color combination. Hehe.

Anyway, we had also went to Sentosa and visited many places. I love Sentosa games such as Luge and Skyride. But I prefer Luge  Stay tuned for Part 3 guys ~

23 November 2011


As I promise to you all, I will update my Singapore Trip post (part 2) . But the problem is my computer takes a lot of time to upload many photos. So you wait a little bit longer to see the post :(

Recently I have attended to 2 parties. Here are some photos of them:D And if you want to view the pictures in a large version, just click it to enlarge ^^ 

First, Teacher Chan's party.

my teacher made these. They are tasty ^^

my teacher knows how to bake cheesecake too. So cool ~

the beautifully-decorated table

taken by Xiao Ying 

Xiao Ying

Yin Min


After a few hours later, I have attended to XiaoYing's awesome birthday party at KFC.

Here's the birthday girl XD

We played some games after eating

Fei Yun


Music chair.

I wasn't out yet :D

This time, I'm seriously out.''

The final ~ Xin Min vs Yin Min wow
And the winner is..
Yin Min worm

Xiao Ying -the girl who was cutting her delicious cake

received a mystery gift from KFC

Xiao Ying was taking picture with her family


Jie Wei and Ke Qian

Qiao Ying, Yin Min and Qyu Nyng

Qiao Ying try to push Yin Min

Two friends of mine

While eating the cake and Jie Wei captured the photo 

Why did I wink? LOL

The birthday girl

Climbing to the roof 

Fei Yun's looking at the other camera xD

Fei Yun and I

Xin Min and I

Fei Yun and Xin Min

Xiao Ying 

Jie Wei accidentally pressed the camera mode into video mode. I know this video is so bored. haha.
Error right? Me too lol.