Tiny Finger Point Hand With Heart pandaroma: 2012

29 November 2012

comeback from laziness and boringness

Hello all, I'm back again! During this long holiday, I feel a little boring cause there's completely nothing for me to do. well, yeah. except for going to dad's shop.

I have a weird feeling while typing here cause I haven't been typing much for some months ago. You know, when you put a hiatus on blog and suddenly comeback. That kind of feeling? 

And tomorrow's the day you all Kpop fans are waiting for! Lol yeah! Including me, the shawol :D But I wasn't sure that whether SHINee will attend the 2012 MAMA in Hong Kong or not?  Just, wait and see. 

As for tomorrow, my friends and I will go to Parkson for some hanging out, seeking for some fresh air. And I think this might be our last meeting in this year. (Just saying)

Speaking of vacation, I won't update much cause I'll go to vacate with my sister (yes, just the two of us) around this December. I think it will be very fun cause we will visit some K-pop shops at KL! ( we go to KL)

And I would surely visit Etude House as SHINee stuffs will be found at every corner of the shop!!


By any chance, I would also like to watch the latest movie - Rise Of The Guardians.  Dreamworks always produce awesome movies as my first favourite movie was The finding Nemo.(in my childhoods)

Rise of the Guardians Movie Poster

By looking at the poster, this movie really attracts me. Maybe its the 3D effect that is fascinating? haha.

So, I hope everything about vacation goes smoothly as planned. I also hope all of you enjoy yours holiday and this very upcoming Christmas! Happy holidays. 

Wait! This isn't the end. For all the readers, please kindly click on my nuffnang ads! I'm greatly appreciate all of you! 

25 October 2012

Day after EOY

And finally!!! My EOY was officially over! 

It is hard to believe that during these days, I'm feeling sick. My temperature was among 37 to 38 Celsius. Maybe it's me thinking too much for the EOY. But now, thanks to Panadol, I'm kinda recovered.

So yeah today, as well as the day before holiday, some of my subjects were 'revealed' by teachers.

This morning I'm very excited when the Chinese teacher came into my class. She started to read our marks. I'm having a high expectation that I would get an 'A' for every subjects. But that time, I felt disappointed. No more excitement. I'm absolutely not satisfied with my current result. Not at all. What I get for Chinese was..... a 'B'!!! I just scored 69 for it. Why not 'A'?

Then the next following subjects were nice. I have got my first 'A'! And that was BM. I was lucky for getting an 'A' cause there are just a few students who barely got their 'A's. Alright, I'm looking forward to the following subjects.

Math teacher came in without any exam sheets. She didn't checked / scanned any of our answers. She just gave all of us 'band' sheets to do. Why always band? Seriously, this thingy is so.. complicated. There are so many band papers that I couldn't done all of them in a hurry....

And then the next teacher - Moral. He gave us band. Nothing to say at all. Omg, a bunch of band sheets. It could be as thick as your textbook, for real. I'm confused and frustrated when looking at those papers... gosh.  

Till here then!

06 October 2012

Exam 'Phobia' ?

It's the beginning of October!! And I'm almost revising subjects like a madman. (not a man) As the days of my EOY is approaching, I need to keep advancing to revise all the subjects so that I can get flying colours in my prelim.

Obviously, I'm sick of reading so much textbook. Those words.... are freaking me out. Indeed, this exam is important. No kidding. But no way I could revise all those subjects in such an ample-less time.

Oh. I almost forgot something. I failed BM at Band 5. I only reached band 4. Cause Band 5 is about speaking BM. My teacher in charge complained that all of my classmates who failed aren't polite enough to answer the question. No second opportunity. But nevermind. At least I have tried my best.

As I mentioned in my previous post, That XX, he passed Band 5. Alright, you think you are cool? At least you didn't cheat, so yeah, congratz. It's great that I don't hate That xx that much these days. He kinda behave well... But he's still VERY proud. In conclusion, I hope we're in different class next year. BWAHAHHAH!!!

Alright I'm going back to study. See you all after exam!! I promise ^^
p/s: Don't call me a nerd okay? -o-"

06 September 2012

That XX

I hate the way of my 'enemies' treated me. Especially that XX. Today, XX has been pushed by a group of guys and crashed into me. That time I was taking a nap on my desk as there are no teacher at the moment. 

Alright, not his fault. I get it. But I really hate him. I'm waking up when I sense someone was pushing my chair. At the moment, all the classmates cheered and said many unpleasant words. They are totally nuts. Maybe too sensitive? But I don't wanna hear such words. IT SOUNDS NO ANY GOOD. Unfortunately, I didn't take much clearer look of the boys who played with XX. I just know, I didn't like any of them. Yep that proofed that I'm actually not guilty.

XX sit near me in my class, so what's the point? Seriously, you are really annoying, all the time. You always bring a party of friends waving around your table, and that's bothering me. It's like a chaos, for sure. Many teachers complained that our class is the noisiest class in Form 1. I do think so. You're the noisiest, annoying-est! 

Just in case, you must know that 人的忍耐力是有限度的!I may be good, but if you keep being so cheesy and annoying and that's it! You're done with me! Time to get a very large payback!

I'm just telling the truth. But sometimes, other class may be noisier than ours. Making some noise isn't a fault, but too much noise are very irritating. I always ended up with nothing when teacher's teaching. 

Oh right, I need to mention something. I hate noisy place.

Sometime, he even made a nickname for me! I HATE IT!! REALLY SUCKSS!!!! He said me, and the other girls, are dogface!! What the... YOU ARE THE REAL DOG!!! JUST SHUT UP YOU LITTLE.. AND PLS DUN SIMPLY GIVE US ANNOYING NICKNAMES..

Let me make clear of one thing. I don't like him. People please don't simply make 'couples' okay?! I really hate it. One day you'll realize that it's the worst thing ever. And I want him to make a distance with my seat. I DON'T WANNA HEARD ANYMORE THINGS LIKE THIS ALREADY!! JUST ENOUGH!!! I HATE IT !!! 

Anyway, he didn't attend school for the last two days! Wohooo! Guess what? I'm Superb happy!! But today he finally brings the noisy voice to school and that's the end of my happy days. T_T

I really, really wish that next year XX won't be in the same class with me. If so, don't sit near me. Pick a seat that is SUPER far from my seat. OKAY THANK YOU FOR COOPERATION!!! T_T

24 August 2012

What did I do on holidays?

And I'm back again! Holiday is going to end! And a few days later will return to school. By any chance, spare me more holidays, please? o_o

Oh yeah wondered what I did during this holiday? Watching TV programs for sure! I mean Korean Variety/Movie/anything else that is cool.

Before that, doing homeworks! There were tons of them to be done. Frequently, I've done all of them in such a hurry! Hooray for my finished-homework! xD

Then, surfing around the webs. Like every teenagers will do. Mine was Facebook, Twitter, some korean website which collects pictures, K-POP songs,.....

Alright, time out. So how do you spend your holidays? ;)


13 August 2012

Quick post

Helllooo!! Finally it's the last week to do the Galakan Membaca!!! Lol I'm so happy that I can shed tears cause this homework is going to end! By that meaning, NO MORE G.M. homework , just realize how cool is that? ;)

Frankly, I have to deal with my weak subjects as my Year End Exam (EOY) is approaching. Okay, nothing much related to the 'band' exam. I promise I'll work harder to get a better exam result. For no reason, I hate the feeling when something goes wrong. I just hope I left Form 1 with no regret, okay?

For Your Information, this Thursday, there won't be school!! And I'm looking forward to it :D

Alright my brain juice is going to be squeezed dry so ta-daa!!

07 July 2012

Oh, come on!

I think I might have lazy particles around me, currently.. And probably books weren't that interesting for me now... this must be really bad..

And now what I just need to have... is a Break. Some time to be alone. Come on, humans need rest too. Now I'm thinking about home works that are really irritating!!

Frankly, yesterday I've managed to finish one 'galakan membaca' and one more to go! And the rest of them I have done. 

This morning my dad brought me and my sister to check our blood. Luckily I have my guts on while the nurse is taking my blood. She injects into my skin with a pain, but I didn't seem to be afraid. 

The blood report will be out soon. I hope nothing will goes wrong. haha..

Some of you guys might not know that I have a crooked teeth. My mom made a appointment for me before she took me to the dentist last Thursday to check my teeth. 

The dentist said I'll have my braces soon. Maybe next year? I suppose... Cause he said kids in my age isn't suitable for braces. 

I know it'll be painful to wear traditional braces, yeah? Before wearing, the dentist also added he want to pluck my ugly teeth, which makes 4 of them. WHOA YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME, 4 IS TOO MANY LE !!!! 

My conclusion: PAIN(plucking teeth)  + PAIN (braces) = SUPERRR PAINNNN

Oh my goshhh... next year!!?? :(

16 June 2012

Just some normal post

Oh hai guys!! Yesterday I've just finished writing the calligraphy!! It takes a lot of effort plus time to finish writing it. Like I'm practicing continuously for hours... (or even days) Gladly it's over!!! :'D But I'm not going to show you guys my calligraphy writing because it's not that pretty okay!!

These few days I'm barely stay online at computer cause my spectacles is missing (I accidentally left it at my school desk) !! You guys might think that I'm not wearing a specs now, but I do wear it at home. Without my specs, I cannot stay any longer in front of my computer and no more watching TV shows!! 

Ah, it's okay. Probably it is the second time that I have left it at school. 

Anyway, I suggest myself to remove my chat box. It's rather annoying that many unimportant ads came to tag along my chat box. 

As you can see, all of the ads are from bit.ly and they use different names to tag in. In advance, DO NOT DO IT AGAIN!!! I know, you are just going to promote your ads or other stuffs around the chat box to attract somebody to click, but please don't be that selfish to stuck them all at my chat box. 

And I must say that, I've got a feeling that someone around me, or close to me ( classmates or friends ) actually reads my blog!! 

Yeah, just a feeling. Hope it isn't true lo. Like almost every blogger got the situation nowadays. Seriously. It's very awkward to read your real life friend's blog posts. Got the feeling? Yea, I probably think so.

Even worse, if your English teacher recognizes your blog, it's even awkward and paiseh you know??!! I guess I prefer strangers or bloggers to read. 

Then people won't recognize or say anything about you. Me gusta it. 

Besides that, our English oral prelim has started few days ago. I was nervous as it was a test, and I'm not really ready yet. Actually It was just a minor test, but I haven't prepare yet!! Haha!! 

Okay, wish me luck!!! Chaos!!

03 June 2012

Two weeks School Holiday?

Yupp, two weeks!!  :D  Technically, it's the middle of the holidays. How was your holiday? Mine were not so nice as the first week of it were totally packed full of activities. 

Erm yeah.. that some kind of bothers me but as soon I'll get used to it!! (Hope so...)  

I just can't believe that time passed so fast and June had arrived. Gladly my 2nd week of holiday rocks (less activities so that I can sleep ) but still bored. ( You know I'm lazy ahaha!!)

Anyway, I hope that the holiday won't be over because after that an enormous number of activities will be waiting us to done. 

If you study here (Malaysia), I guess you'll know that we won't take the PMR exam but another assignment. Seriously, that's a very scary 'exam' called 'Band'. Teachers will give us a paper with lots lots of difficulty to done. ( NO!!!)

And I have edit the headers of my blog!! ( You might scroll up to see it) and a small name right below of the banner with my korean words!!

Q: So.. What did you (I mean me) do during the entire holiday?
A: *cough* Almost every night I keep online at Facebook, Twitter, and then watching some Korean reality shows ( they were madly funny!!) , eating & drinking (of course!!!),  check K-pop news, tuition ( first week) and lastly listen the latest K-pop musics. 

And this is some life routine of mine during holiday. ( bye...)

14 May 2012


Hello fellas! School seems fine today. Some teachers even absent, hmm.. such as Maths and PSK. Now our prelim just like expected, has been canceled. So we just need to prepare for the 'band' exam. It's just a paper but lots of difficulty questions on it.

Some of my teachers are absolutely terrible. I mean she spare our eating time by asking us to write our essays! Fortunately I have managed to done all of them!! :'D

Oh yeah... recently I have captured some pictures from my camera. I have just gain the interest of photography. Actually it's random ones. :D   

Hello Kitty key chain from Yunny! Actually this is a gift from her sister, and I just borrowed it because it's too cute :) I'm lame and I know it -o-"

Hanging it at my current blue pencil case!


Superb like the image control! It makes the whole picture looks more interesting and attracting :D To tell you the truth, I love this image. haha :D

writting a letter pose by Hello Kitty! 

Oh well.. and here is the name tag.  

name tag take 2!

as Simple as Hello Kitty  :)

tried to draw something odd :) 

Note: The first picture on the right (Ronaldo) are drawn by cousie!
While the others are drawn by me. 
Lame story: We got bored and he found some pictures to draw at the newspaper. He draw first, but want me to draw too. So awkward xD At last I suddenly got the mood to draw and finish.

Alright it's time for me to off! Bye! xD

13 May 2012

Back from break

A murmur of amusement began today during the first period. Teachers announced that our exam had officially canceled!! Oh well... (Y) Offer available just for F1 students. Bet that many F1 students cheer in excitement. Including me 

So anyway... I'm looking forward for the upcoming holidays!! :D It's been so long since our last holiday. And it's time to take a breakkk!!! ( Why I use so much '!!!' marks now -o-'' ) But during this 2-weeks-long holiday I won't be able to travel or do anything else except for staying at house... These spare times were mostly filled with tuition periods... so yeah...

I have decide to change a sort of my blogskin since it looks pretty fine but dull. Any ideas? lol.


01 May 2012

Jonghyun's drawings

Today I gonna show you all our new artist - Kim Jong Hyun!! Skip this if you just came here for pictures. Note: Images are from twitter.

투어중에도 나의 예술혼은 식지 않는다. Drawing Key "Freeze"!

This is kinda... absurd.  Creative too..

Wow Jonghyun's hair like pineapple.


see? so cute of him drawing those masterpiece!! 

05 April 2012

Oh hai terrapin!

Helloooo peoplee! I just gotten the terrapin from dad. This is the third time that I adopt a terrapin.
it's so tiny and cute!!

28 March 2012

Le stress post

School's been very stressful and hectic during these few days. le sigh* Teachers just seems so weird today....  Seriously like all of them are in an angry mood. They're not that weirdo usual. (teachers: KH, MM)  Even if you are really in a bad mood, please don't simply express your angry mood/feeling on us by giving home works! I'm sick of it! It's such a pity of 1 Randa students. 

Got the stress feeling now. Because of those home works. My school teachers keep giving us and no break for it. When we want to do another home work, they actually stare at you fiercely and I got the bad feeling. Me no gusta lor. ( When I'm typing this, there are plenty of them to done. )


I'm confused because recently one of my friend changed. Like almost. Weirdo. Sometimes I feel like a schmo/dummy when I'm talking to her. Okay, let's explain her characteristic.  
She have already been my friend since primary 6. I think I know her too unwell until today. What a pacemaker. She likes to act un-guilty and doesn't likes to talk with me. But I don't really mind her yet, just think this might be a small matter. 

She's always a girl who is good on complaining. It's rather annoyed when being around with her. Sometimes when we met, (in a tuition or where else) she'll just make me invisible and didn't look me. It happens like that all the time.

She likes to stand at the last, apparently. Don't know why, maybe too afraid and shy? But why? So sometimes she wants someone to talk with her or she'll get very bore, she'll find me or others. When she have another friend, she will throws you away and forget about you. I think I'm the one who becomes a schmo. 

When I shared my happy things to her, she'll say un-nice words. Just like.. 

Me: Hey dude! Do you know this song? I like it very much. You can hear it if you are interest.
She: Lol K-POP again? why always kpop? You no sien meh? LOL! I don't understand why you KPOP fans so like KPOP? I think it's very common only.. Plus you know what's the meaning (korean) meh? I hear also don't know lah! So annoying eh you. Always like this one...

See? Complaining. She can easily annoyed. So I don't want to befriend with her for awhile.

08 March 2012

Finally changed my tuition class

I've finally changed my BM tuition class. Me-gusta.png For your information, the tuition class will be starting at this Friday. I'm so excited because I'm a newbie there, apparently. Anyhow, I won't continue to attend my past tuition class. You know, for some reasons.

I guess my schedule will be very full after joining new tuition classes. le sobs*


SHINee's Sherlock full music video should be out today. I checked many times at SMTown and keep refreshing my computer but it's still the same. le sigh* I'm so curious yeah, about how long does SM takes to upload a complete music video?

Answer :
Maybe Shawols around the world are having a good time by pressing the refresh button for the teaser, including me.

For you guys who don't know SHINee's new mini album, here's some preview photos of Sherlock.
Image credit to SHINee.
'Sherlock' is a mini album, but the songs are truly amazing. I like 'Alarm Clock' the most.

Taemin looks like a girl here, as his hair is longer than his 'Lucifer' MV.

Tomorrow would be a kpop-holic day. It would be great to enjoy performances without thinking about home works. Songs will play around the stadium. I have a great feeling of it. Because one of the performance is

T-ARA - Roly Poly ( Chinese version)
It's kinda weird though when you listen to the Chinese version.

And the other songs I just don't know. trollface.png

02 March 2012

Easy, Breezy, Cute Cable Tie

Ever wanted a kawaii Cable Tie? Now's your chance.. (P/s they're so kawaii so I decided to post this)


Yeah it's Rilakkuma 


Talk about kawaii, here's Hello Kitty!!







kawaii, right? :)

For more information, go visit Milkadeal!!

Just something about school.... -o-"

Yeah it's March now. 

See my current layout? It's simple and nice. I like it. But something is missing from this layout.

Just realized that nobody reads my blog anyway. For no reason. Gosh. Nevermind la.

I'm pretty satisfied with my exam results. Plus Cikgu Quick didn't come to our class several days already. 
Wao happy leh. But he give us a super BIG+HARD homework. Everybody get the different title of essay. 

The saddest - we gotta speech in front of the class ?!!!


somehow my mood can be like this


I don't wanna speech ! :(



20 February 2012

Norazobin followed me!

Ah can you believe that some KPOP Idol just follow my TWITTER account?!

Yes, It's probably true! Norazo's Jobin just followed me!!! :'D

17 February 2012

Unforgettable Friday.

I was supposed to be in a study mood now. Because the day after tomorrow we 1 Randa will take our first examination. It's a good thing that I have prepared for it.

Talk about something un-forgettable, last Friday my brand new phone has been snatched by a bangla!!!

Then my friend and I didn't manage to get back it.

No hurt lah. Just phone has been stolen. I'm sad because I just bought it a few months ago.

Fortunately I didn't buy smartphones like Samsung Galaxy or Iphone. :{ ( Actually my phone is Samsung Corby 2)

Samsung Corby II (GT-S3850)
Yep it's this one! yellow in color. (my phone)

It's been a week and still, I cannot forget the moment. But I felt muchhh better now. Urgh. Gonna forget about it.

So, something funny chill me down xD If you watch this 100 times you also laugh like LMAO. Heeeeheeeeee.

I'm sexy and I know it. become to...

I'm ELMO and I know it :3

hahahaha!!!!! #Laugh-out-Loud.png

13 February 2012

What Would My 3D World be with LG Optimus 3D?

Oh Hai. :D I'm participating the Nuffnang's contest. So If you are wondering what would my 3D World be with LG Optimus 3D? 

First of all, my 3D world would be Awesome / Great with 3D applications, some apps like Angry Birds. I know its trending at Malaysia. So it would make me happy while playing fun apps in a 4.3" touchscreen phone :)

Basically I have never ever experience to use a cool touch screen phone before, so this is my chance to experience. Plus this is an Android phone eh!!! (android may be upgraded to 3.3)

Erm I just remembered the main point of this phone. That's 3D! You can record or play the video either in 2D or 3D with the 5 megapixels camera. Clear indeed. I KNOW IT'S AWESOME TO THE INFINITY!!!

The great part of  LG Optimus 3D is we don't need to wear 3D glasses while using it. But you can see many television advertisements played while you are looking at a channel. Some ads got 3D la, but no found of 3D phone, but many 3D televisions branded had appear on the television. Just imagine, in 3D, a bird flew in front of the screen. You are wearing 3D glasses while watching the movie. The bird is so real leh, just like it flew through the Television screen and flopping at your house.

If you a K-POP fan, you can feel the reality of your idol/group while watching the music videos at  LG Optimus 3D. Like an example, SNSD- the boys in 3D :( need wear glasses one) 

For more information, you can click on this link

(p/s: I really wanna win this phone)
After all, life isn’t 2D, so why should your phone be? The new LG Optimus 3D.

image credit to Google and video from Youtube.

09 February 2012

The boring thing that I like to do

Recently I have just read a Chinese Novel which is from Fei Yun. Gotta be honest, this is the first book I have read at 2012 ;) rating : 4 stars! (dun ask me why)  presenting you....

the book !

btw, my cousin brought a mickey mouse toy and she forgot to bring it back! I know it's lame to take a photo of that but I think that Mickey toy's cute :) 
actually the toy can talk when you manually press its head :O

first shot !

the last shot!

Okay I know I'm boring because actually nothing to write down here. So Ciaos! -o-''

03 February 2012

Singapore Trip ( Last )

Oh Hai ! I'm going to end my Singapore trip at this post. I mean the last day at there.
We have visited two places, that are..
Newater and Wild Wild Wet. 


Newater :)


this is the guy who explains the working process of Newater. 


Time to learn some histories of newater. 






4 and more to go....


Sticky :P nom nom
sticky froggy = minho xD


my weird face with the McDonald guy. Weird picture. Gosh.
(taken before entering Wild Wild Wet)

we also eat Pizza (Pizza Hut one) for lunch. Better not to be starving.


Yay for WWW!(wild wild wet)


long benches for you to sit.


Fashionista Jessica :3 ( the left one)
 I think I have accidentally captured the woman scratching her back (right there) lol


This is fun :P When I pull the bar, the water splashed to all the peoples nearby.


I didn't play at the swing because I forgot to bring spare clothes. :O


So only the thing that I can do just stepping to this waterific place.


Slide :D


Fanny with her caps. FYI it's raining. (less)


the last picture I captured at WWW.


I have bought this outside WWW. Yeahs SHINee time ~


Xiao Ying is also a SUJU fan.


Me and Xiao Ying bought marshmallows to eat.


Inside the chu chu train. We're going back to our home.

And you gotta know my  most unforgettable moment in this awesome trip. That's riding the Revenge of the Mummy roller coaster at USS. It's scary though but fun. I really can't forget the moment when I'm riding on it and my mind played a song that's U-kiss - Someday to calm me down. Sitting at the Roller Coaster with my friends, they all enjoyed it pretty much. 

Oh, anyway, I also cannot forget the moment when Ee Wai, Fanny, Jia Ni and I in the hotel room. 
Ee Wai picks up the hotel phone and dialed the next room's number.
Ee Wai: Hello? This is room service. (talking in Chinese accent)
Yin Min: Hello! Who are you? (in Chinese)
Ee Wai: I am this hotel's worker. I want to send you the towel.(the 3 others of us laugh until ass out)
Yin Min: Sorry har, I don't need a tower.
Ee Wai quickly said bye bye to her and think a new idea.

Ee Wai dialed to Yin Min again. (all talk in chinese)
Ee Wai: Hello! I am a celebrity.  
Yin Min started to believe as Ee Wai is a celebrity.
We all laughed again. loololloll
Yin Min: then, what's your name?
Ee Wai: I am Cai Yi Lin. 
Yin Min: No you're not D: Fake! Bye! 
Ee Wai had nothing to say.

And Fanny too.
Fanny knocked to the hotel wall hardly. (many times)
And then Xiao Ying knocked back to our wall. We heard it clearly.
Fanny knocked to the hotel wall hardly again. 
This time Qian Qian and Jie Wei knock.
Fanny and I knock. 
And then we dialed their room number and ask them to stop.

And Jia Ni too. ( this is the time where Fanny's name is begin.)
Ee Wai: I'm going to post about this awesome trip!
Me: Sure ! I'll post too!
Me: How about we put a English name?
Ee Wai: ok! First me~ then Sin Li, Fan Siew Ying(fanny) and Jia Ni
Ee Wai said her english name is EY.
I said my english name is Sin Li and it will never changed.
Fan Siew Ying don't know what to say.
Me: How about Fanny?
Ee Wai: Fanny? (pronounced as Funny) cool! Hello Fanny! 
Fanny: Whatever.
Me: How about Jia Ni? She hasn't any English name yet.
Me: Oh I know liao! Jenny. Nice ma EY?
Ee Wai: okay la.
Jia Ni said Jenny is her auntie's name.
We all laughed like LMAO again.
Me : Jia Ni better not change her name la.
But we think many names just for Jia Ni.
Benny, Jenny and etc...
Jia Ni don't want to said something already. She continue read her novel.
Me: Ok! Good night guys!
Then EY and me talk about KPOP because I think she kinda cannot sleep.
Fanny and Jia Ni sleep already.
And then everyone sleep.

Okay! Ends my Singapore trip post here  ~