Tiny Finger Point Hand With Heart pandaroma: January 2012

17 January 2012

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. So, get ready to collect red packets from friends and relatives ! You know, everybody loves moola xD . Yesterday, my grandparents just came back from Johor to gather with us. It's been a month since we have gathered since last December. Ya, the Singapore and Johor Trip one. (with my grandparents)

Today I'm happy because I managed to done all my homework which were given by school teachers and tuition teachers. Due to Chinese New Year, school will be close for a week. My tuition teachers also give us a break (for a day without tuition), but we need to replace the day.

School's pretty fine these days and I'll be going to design the notice board at my class. (with a dragon or something else) I have squeezed my brain juice (well, partly) but nothing come out from my idea to design it yet -o-"

Lastly, I wish you all can have a enjoyable Chinese New Year. hehe ^^

10 January 2012

2012 school life

I'll post my school life until the 3rd day I go to school. FYI, I'm in a good class. Gosh so many homework to do. But I'd manage to done all the works at home. :) (But I still have one homework yet lah!)

When School reopens
First day at school. We woke up early and went to school. I forget where my class was and went to the wrong way many times. (lol) So I decided to ask peoples. Finally I arrived my class and pick a seat. The bell rings and all the students went out. We queued and sang outside our classroom. After that back to class. The good news are all the teachers didn't give us homework. (yay!)  But the bad news.. our class ran around the big field because my BM teacher said that we're noisy like monkeys. But why run? shocking-face.pngAfter that recess time ! Everybody rushed to the canteen to buy their food. We ate until very full then back to our class.  But first, the perfects need to check our pockets first before we go back to class.  And the next following teachers also didn't give us homework. They just introduce themselves and etc.  Finally it's 2 o'clock! What a day. We all grab our school bag and went home. 

The second day of School
(Rings) First period was BM. The teacher asked us what's the meaning of the word. All the class quiet. The teacher want us to run around the field again. Poor us. lol -o-" The teacher says we are very selfish that some of us know but didn't say. We all don't know what's the meaning only la. After the period, everybody complained and sighed. And then the next teachers gave us many homework. I wrote until my hand become like HFSJHA. (cannot describe my hand) Argh I'm sorry that I've forgot some parts.

The Third Day at School
This day, teacher starts collecting money from us. Wow you can't imagine how many exercise books plus some stationery to buy. And many homework too ! I have no enough spare time to do all the works. Because teachers continuously get in to my class and give homeworks to us. Rawr. And all I wanna do now is.. Waiting for tomorrow's homework to finish -o-" Yeps D: I guess I won't be able to have time to update this blog anymore unless I'm free :)