Tiny Finger Point Hand With Heart pandaroma: February 2012

20 February 2012

Norazobin followed me!

Ah can you believe that some KPOP Idol just follow my TWITTER account?!

Yes, It's probably true! Norazo's Jobin just followed me!!! :'D

17 February 2012

Unforgettable Friday.

I was supposed to be in a study mood now. Because the day after tomorrow we 1 Randa will take our first examination. It's a good thing that I have prepared for it.

Talk about something un-forgettable, last Friday my brand new phone has been snatched by a bangla!!!

Then my friend and I didn't manage to get back it.

No hurt lah. Just phone has been stolen. I'm sad because I just bought it a few months ago.

Fortunately I didn't buy smartphones like Samsung Galaxy or Iphone. :{ ( Actually my phone is Samsung Corby 2)

Samsung Corby II (GT-S3850)
Yep it's this one! yellow in color. (my phone)

It's been a week and still, I cannot forget the moment. But I felt muchhh better now. Urgh. Gonna forget about it.

So, something funny chill me down xD If you watch this 100 times you also laugh like LMAO. Heeeeheeeeee.

I'm sexy and I know it. become to...

I'm ELMO and I know it :3

hahahaha!!!!! #Laugh-out-Loud.png

13 February 2012

What Would My 3D World be with LG Optimus 3D?

Oh Hai. :D I'm participating the Nuffnang's contest. So If you are wondering what would my 3D World be with LG Optimus 3D? 

First of all, my 3D world would be Awesome / Great with 3D applications, some apps like Angry Birds. I know its trending at Malaysia. So it would make me happy while playing fun apps in a 4.3" touchscreen phone :)

Basically I have never ever experience to use a cool touch screen phone before, so this is my chance to experience. Plus this is an Android phone eh!!! (android may be upgraded to 3.3)

Erm I just remembered the main point of this phone. That's 3D! You can record or play the video either in 2D or 3D with the 5 megapixels camera. Clear indeed. I KNOW IT'S AWESOME TO THE INFINITY!!!

The great part of  LG Optimus 3D is we don't need to wear 3D glasses while using it. But you can see many television advertisements played while you are looking at a channel. Some ads got 3D la, but no found of 3D phone, but many 3D televisions branded had appear on the television. Just imagine, in 3D, a bird flew in front of the screen. You are wearing 3D glasses while watching the movie. The bird is so real leh, just like it flew through the Television screen and flopping at your house.

If you a K-POP fan, you can feel the reality of your idol/group while watching the music videos at  LG Optimus 3D. Like an example, SNSD- the boys in 3D :( need wear glasses one) 

For more information, you can click on this link

(p/s: I really wanna win this phone)
After all, life isn’t 2D, so why should your phone be? The new LG Optimus 3D.

image credit to Google and video from Youtube.

09 February 2012

The boring thing that I like to do

Recently I have just read a Chinese Novel which is from Fei Yun. Gotta be honest, this is the first book I have read at 2012 ;) rating : 4 stars! (dun ask me why)  presenting you....

the book !

btw, my cousin brought a mickey mouse toy and she forgot to bring it back! I know it's lame to take a photo of that but I think that Mickey toy's cute :) 
actually the toy can talk when you manually press its head :O

first shot !

the last shot!

Okay I know I'm boring because actually nothing to write down here. So Ciaos! -o-''

03 February 2012

Singapore Trip ( Last )

Oh Hai ! I'm going to end my Singapore trip at this post. I mean the last day at there.
We have visited two places, that are..
Newater and Wild Wild Wet. 


Newater :)


this is the guy who explains the working process of Newater. 


Time to learn some histories of newater. 






4 and more to go....


Sticky :P nom nom
sticky froggy = minho xD


my weird face with the McDonald guy. Weird picture. Gosh.
(taken before entering Wild Wild Wet)

we also eat Pizza (Pizza Hut one) for lunch. Better not to be starving.


Yay for WWW!(wild wild wet)


long benches for you to sit.


Fashionista Jessica :3 ( the left one)
 I think I have accidentally captured the woman scratching her back (right there) lol


This is fun :P When I pull the bar, the water splashed to all the peoples nearby.


I didn't play at the swing because I forgot to bring spare clothes. :O


So only the thing that I can do just stepping to this waterific place.


Slide :D


Fanny with her caps. FYI it's raining. (less)


the last picture I captured at WWW.


I have bought this outside WWW. Yeahs SHINee time ~


Xiao Ying is also a SUJU fan.


Me and Xiao Ying bought marshmallows to eat.


Inside the chu chu train. We're going back to our home.

And you gotta know my  most unforgettable moment in this awesome trip. That's riding the Revenge of the Mummy roller coaster at USS. It's scary though but fun. I really can't forget the moment when I'm riding on it and my mind played a song that's U-kiss - Someday to calm me down. Sitting at the Roller Coaster with my friends, they all enjoyed it pretty much. 

Oh, anyway, I also cannot forget the moment when Ee Wai, Fanny, Jia Ni and I in the hotel room. 
Ee Wai picks up the hotel phone and dialed the next room's number.
Ee Wai: Hello? This is room service. (talking in Chinese accent)
Yin Min: Hello! Who are you? (in Chinese)
Ee Wai: I am this hotel's worker. I want to send you the towel.(the 3 others of us laugh until ass out)
Yin Min: Sorry har, I don't need a tower.
Ee Wai quickly said bye bye to her and think a new idea.

Ee Wai dialed to Yin Min again. (all talk in chinese)
Ee Wai: Hello! I am a celebrity.  
Yin Min started to believe as Ee Wai is a celebrity.
We all laughed again. loololloll
Yin Min: then, what's your name?
Ee Wai: I am Cai Yi Lin. 
Yin Min: No you're not D: Fake! Bye! 
Ee Wai had nothing to say.

And Fanny too.
Fanny knocked to the hotel wall hardly. (many times)
And then Xiao Ying knocked back to our wall. We heard it clearly.
Fanny knocked to the hotel wall hardly again. 
This time Qian Qian and Jie Wei knock.
Fanny and I knock. 
And then we dialed their room number and ask them to stop.

And Jia Ni too. ( this is the time where Fanny's name is begin.)
Ee Wai: I'm going to post about this awesome trip!
Me: Sure ! I'll post too!
Me: How about we put a English name?
Ee Wai: ok! First me~ then Sin Li, Fan Siew Ying(fanny) and Jia Ni
Ee Wai said her english name is EY.
I said my english name is Sin Li and it will never changed.
Fan Siew Ying don't know what to say.
Me: How about Fanny?
Ee Wai: Fanny? (pronounced as Funny) cool! Hello Fanny! 
Fanny: Whatever.
Me: How about Jia Ni? She hasn't any English name yet.
Me: Oh I know liao! Jenny. Nice ma EY?
Ee Wai: okay la.
Jia Ni said Jenny is her auntie's name.
We all laughed like LMAO again.
Me : Jia Ni better not change her name la.
But we think many names just for Jia Ni.
Benny, Jenny and etc...
Jia Ni don't want to said something already. She continue read her novel.
Me: Ok! Good night guys!
Then EY and me talk about KPOP because I think she kinda cannot sleep.
Fanny and Jia Ni sleep already.
And then everyone sleep.

Okay! Ends my Singapore trip post here  ~