Tiny Finger Point Hand With Heart pandaroma: March 2012

28 March 2012

Le stress post

School's been very stressful and hectic during these few days. le sigh* Teachers just seems so weird today....  Seriously like all of them are in an angry mood. They're not that weirdo usual. (teachers: KH, MM)  Even if you are really in a bad mood, please don't simply express your angry mood/feeling on us by giving home works! I'm sick of it! It's such a pity of 1 Randa students. 

Got the stress feeling now. Because of those home works. My school teachers keep giving us and no break for it. When we want to do another home work, they actually stare at you fiercely and I got the bad feeling. Me no gusta lor. ( When I'm typing this, there are plenty of them to done. )


I'm confused because recently one of my friend changed. Like almost. Weirdo. Sometimes I feel like a schmo/dummy when I'm talking to her. Okay, let's explain her characteristic.  
She have already been my friend since primary 6. I think I know her too unwell until today. What a pacemaker. She likes to act un-guilty and doesn't likes to talk with me. But I don't really mind her yet, just think this might be a small matter. 

She's always a girl who is good on complaining. It's rather annoyed when being around with her. Sometimes when we met, (in a tuition or where else) she'll just make me invisible and didn't look me. It happens like that all the time.

She likes to stand at the last, apparently. Don't know why, maybe too afraid and shy? But why? So sometimes she wants someone to talk with her or she'll get very bore, she'll find me or others. When she have another friend, she will throws you away and forget about you. I think I'm the one who becomes a schmo. 

When I shared my happy things to her, she'll say un-nice words. Just like.. 

Me: Hey dude! Do you know this song? I like it very much. You can hear it if you are interest.
She: Lol K-POP again? why always kpop? You no sien meh? LOL! I don't understand why you KPOP fans so like KPOP? I think it's very common only.. Plus you know what's the meaning (korean) meh? I hear also don't know lah! So annoying eh you. Always like this one...

See? Complaining. She can easily annoyed. So I don't want to befriend with her for awhile.

08 March 2012

Finally changed my tuition class

I've finally changed my BM tuition class. Me-gusta.png For your information, the tuition class will be starting at this Friday. I'm so excited because I'm a newbie there, apparently. Anyhow, I won't continue to attend my past tuition class. You know, for some reasons.

I guess my schedule will be very full after joining new tuition classes. le sobs*


SHINee's Sherlock full music video should be out today. I checked many times at SMTown and keep refreshing my computer but it's still the same. le sigh* I'm so curious yeah, about how long does SM takes to upload a complete music video?

Answer :
Maybe Shawols around the world are having a good time by pressing the refresh button for the teaser, including me.

For you guys who don't know SHINee's new mini album, here's some preview photos of Sherlock.
Image credit to SHINee.
'Sherlock' is a mini album, but the songs are truly amazing. I like 'Alarm Clock' the most.

Taemin looks like a girl here, as his hair is longer than his 'Lucifer' MV.

Tomorrow would be a kpop-holic day. It would be great to enjoy performances without thinking about home works. Songs will play around the stadium. I have a great feeling of it. Because one of the performance is

T-ARA - Roly Poly ( Chinese version)
It's kinda weird though when you listen to the Chinese version.

And the other songs I just don't know. trollface.png

02 March 2012

Easy, Breezy, Cute Cable Tie

Ever wanted a kawaii Cable Tie? Now's your chance.. (P/s they're so kawaii so I decided to post this)


Yeah it's Rilakkuma 


Talk about kawaii, here's Hello Kitty!!







kawaii, right? :)

For more information, go visit Milkadeal!!

Just something about school.... -o-"

Yeah it's March now. 

See my current layout? It's simple and nice. I like it. But something is missing from this layout.

Just realized that nobody reads my blog anyway. For no reason. Gosh. Nevermind la.

I'm pretty satisfied with my exam results. Plus Cikgu Quick didn't come to our class several days already. 
Wao happy leh. But he give us a super BIG+HARD homework. Everybody get the different title of essay. 

The saddest - we gotta speech in front of the class ?!!!


somehow my mood can be like this


I don't wanna speech ! :(