Tiny Finger Point Hand With Heart pandaroma: May 2012

14 May 2012


Hello fellas! School seems fine today. Some teachers even absent, hmm.. such as Maths and PSK. Now our prelim just like expected, has been canceled. So we just need to prepare for the 'band' exam. It's just a paper but lots of difficulty questions on it.

Some of my teachers are absolutely terrible. I mean she spare our eating time by asking us to write our essays! Fortunately I have managed to done all of them!! :'D

Oh yeah... recently I have captured some pictures from my camera. I have just gain the interest of photography. Actually it's random ones. :D   

Hello Kitty key chain from Yunny! Actually this is a gift from her sister, and I just borrowed it because it's too cute :) I'm lame and I know it -o-"

Hanging it at my current blue pencil case!


Superb like the image control! It makes the whole picture looks more interesting and attracting :D To tell you the truth, I love this image. haha :D

writting a letter pose by Hello Kitty! 

Oh well.. and here is the name tag.  

name tag take 2!

as Simple as Hello Kitty  :)

tried to draw something odd :) 

Note: The first picture on the right (Ronaldo) are drawn by cousie!
While the others are drawn by me. 
Lame story: We got bored and he found some pictures to draw at the newspaper. He draw first, but want me to draw too. So awkward xD At last I suddenly got the mood to draw and finish.

Alright it's time for me to off! Bye! xD

13 May 2012

Back from break

A murmur of amusement began today during the first period. Teachers announced that our exam had officially canceled!! Oh well... (Y) Offer available just for F1 students. Bet that many F1 students cheer in excitement. Including me 

So anyway... I'm looking forward for the upcoming holidays!! :D It's been so long since our last holiday. And it's time to take a breakkk!!! ( Why I use so much '!!!' marks now -o-'' ) But during this 2-weeks-long holiday I won't be able to travel or do anything else except for staying at house... These spare times were mostly filled with tuition periods... so yeah...

I have decide to change a sort of my blogskin since it looks pretty fine but dull. Any ideas? lol.


01 May 2012

Jonghyun's drawings

Today I gonna show you all our new artist - Kim Jong Hyun!! Skip this if you just came here for pictures. Note: Images are from twitter.

투어중에도 나의 예술혼은 식지 않는다. Drawing Key "Freeze"!

This is kinda... absurd.  Creative too..

Wow Jonghyun's hair like pineapple.


see? so cute of him drawing those masterpiece!!