Tiny Finger Point Hand With Heart pandaroma: June 2012

16 June 2012

Just some normal post

Oh hai guys!! Yesterday I've just finished writing the calligraphy!! It takes a lot of effort plus time to finish writing it. Like I'm practicing continuously for hours... (or even days) Gladly it's over!!! :'D But I'm not going to show you guys my calligraphy writing because it's not that pretty okay!!

These few days I'm barely stay online at computer cause my spectacles is missing (I accidentally left it at my school desk) !! You guys might think that I'm not wearing a specs now, but I do wear it at home. Without my specs, I cannot stay any longer in front of my computer and no more watching TV shows!! 

Ah, it's okay. Probably it is the second time that I have left it at school. 

Anyway, I suggest myself to remove my chat box. It's rather annoying that many unimportant ads came to tag along my chat box. 

As you can see, all of the ads are from bit.ly and they use different names to tag in. In advance, DO NOT DO IT AGAIN!!! I know, you are just going to promote your ads or other stuffs around the chat box to attract somebody to click, but please don't be that selfish to stuck them all at my chat box. 

And I must say that, I've got a feeling that someone around me, or close to me ( classmates or friends ) actually reads my blog!! 

Yeah, just a feeling. Hope it isn't true lo. Like almost every blogger got the situation nowadays. Seriously. It's very awkward to read your real life friend's blog posts. Got the feeling? Yea, I probably think so.

Even worse, if your English teacher recognizes your blog, it's even awkward and paiseh you know??!! I guess I prefer strangers or bloggers to read. 

Then people won't recognize or say anything about you. Me gusta it. 

Besides that, our English oral prelim has started few days ago. I was nervous as it was a test, and I'm not really ready yet. Actually It was just a minor test, but I haven't prepare yet!! Haha!! 

Okay, wish me luck!!! Chaos!!

03 June 2012

Two weeks School Holiday?

Yupp, two weeks!!  :D  Technically, it's the middle of the holidays. How was your holiday? Mine were not so nice as the first week of it were totally packed full of activities. 

Erm yeah.. that some kind of bothers me but as soon I'll get used to it!! (Hope so...)  

I just can't believe that time passed so fast and June had arrived. Gladly my 2nd week of holiday rocks (less activities so that I can sleep ) but still bored. ( You know I'm lazy ahaha!!)

Anyway, I hope that the holiday won't be over because after that an enormous number of activities will be waiting us to done. 

If you study here (Malaysia), I guess you'll know that we won't take the PMR exam but another assignment. Seriously, that's a very scary 'exam' called 'Band'. Teachers will give us a paper with lots lots of difficulty to done. ( NO!!!)

And I have edit the headers of my blog!! ( You might scroll up to see it) and a small name right below of the banner with my korean words!!

Q: So.. What did you (I mean me) do during the entire holiday?
A: *cough* Almost every night I keep online at Facebook, Twitter, and then watching some Korean reality shows ( they were madly funny!!) , eating & drinking (of course!!!),  check K-pop news, tuition ( first week) and lastly listen the latest K-pop musics. 

And this is some life routine of mine during holiday. ( bye...)