Tiny Finger Point Hand With Heart pandaroma: July 2012

07 July 2012

Oh, come on!

I think I might have lazy particles around me, currently.. And probably books weren't that interesting for me now... this must be really bad..

And now what I just need to have... is a Break. Some time to be alone. Come on, humans need rest too. Now I'm thinking about home works that are really irritating!!

Frankly, yesterday I've managed to finish one 'galakan membaca' and one more to go! And the rest of them I have done. 

This morning my dad brought me and my sister to check our blood. Luckily I have my guts on while the nurse is taking my blood. She injects into my skin with a pain, but I didn't seem to be afraid. 

The blood report will be out soon. I hope nothing will goes wrong. haha..

Some of you guys might not know that I have a crooked teeth. My mom made a appointment for me before she took me to the dentist last Thursday to check my teeth. 

The dentist said I'll have my braces soon. Maybe next year? I suppose... Cause he said kids in my age isn't suitable for braces. 

I know it'll be painful to wear traditional braces, yeah? Before wearing, the dentist also added he want to pluck my ugly teeth, which makes 4 of them. WHOA YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME, 4 IS TOO MANY LE !!!! 

My conclusion: PAIN(plucking teeth)  + PAIN (braces) = SUPERRR PAINNNN

Oh my goshhh... next year!!?? :(