Tiny Finger Point Hand With Heart pandaroma: August 2012

24 August 2012

What did I do on holidays?

And I'm back again! Holiday is going to end! And a few days later will return to school. By any chance, spare me more holidays, please? o_o

Oh yeah wondered what I did during this holiday? Watching TV programs for sure! I mean Korean Variety/Movie/anything else that is cool.

Before that, doing homeworks! There were tons of them to be done. Frequently, I've done all of them in such a hurry! Hooray for my finished-homework! xD

Then, surfing around the webs. Like every teenagers will do. Mine was Facebook, Twitter, some korean website which collects pictures, K-POP songs,.....

Alright, time out. So how do you spend your holidays? ;)


13 August 2012

Quick post

Helllooo!! Finally it's the last week to do the Galakan Membaca!!! Lol I'm so happy that I can shed tears cause this homework is going to end! By that meaning, NO MORE G.M. homework , just realize how cool is that? ;)

Frankly, I have to deal with my weak subjects as my Year End Exam (EOY) is approaching. Okay, nothing much related to the 'band' exam. I promise I'll work harder to get a better exam result. For no reason, I hate the feeling when something goes wrong. I just hope I left Form 1 with no regret, okay?

For Your Information, this Thursday, there won't be school!! And I'm looking forward to it :D

Alright my brain juice is going to be squeezed dry so ta-daa!!