Tiny Finger Point Hand With Heart pandaroma: October 2012

25 October 2012

Day after EOY

And finally!!! My EOY was officially over! 

It is hard to believe that during these days, I'm feeling sick. My temperature was among 37 to 38 Celsius. Maybe it's me thinking too much for the EOY. But now, thanks to Panadol, I'm kinda recovered.

So yeah today, as well as the day before holiday, some of my subjects were 'revealed' by teachers.

This morning I'm very excited when the Chinese teacher came into my class. She started to read our marks. I'm having a high expectation that I would get an 'A' for every subjects. But that time, I felt disappointed. No more excitement. I'm absolutely not satisfied with my current result. Not at all. What I get for Chinese was..... a 'B'!!! I just scored 69 for it. Why not 'A'?

Then the next following subjects were nice. I have got my first 'A'! And that was BM. I was lucky for getting an 'A' cause there are just a few students who barely got their 'A's. Alright, I'm looking forward to the following subjects.

Math teacher came in without any exam sheets. She didn't checked / scanned any of our answers. She just gave all of us 'band' sheets to do. Why always band? Seriously, this thingy is so.. complicated. There are so many band papers that I couldn't done all of them in a hurry....

And then the next teacher - Moral. He gave us band. Nothing to say at all. Omg, a bunch of band sheets. It could be as thick as your textbook, for real. I'm confused and frustrated when looking at those papers... gosh.  

Till here then!

06 October 2012

Exam 'Phobia' ?

It's the beginning of October!! And I'm almost revising subjects like a madman. (not a man) As the days of my EOY is approaching, I need to keep advancing to revise all the subjects so that I can get flying colours in my prelim.

Obviously, I'm sick of reading so much textbook. Those words.... are freaking me out. Indeed, this exam is important. No kidding. But no way I could revise all those subjects in such an ample-less time.

Oh. I almost forgot something. I failed BM at Band 5. I only reached band 4. Cause Band 5 is about speaking BM. My teacher in charge complained that all of my classmates who failed aren't polite enough to answer the question. No second opportunity. But nevermind. At least I have tried my best.

As I mentioned in my previous post, That XX, he passed Band 5. Alright, you think you are cool? At least you didn't cheat, so yeah, congratz. It's great that I don't hate That xx that much these days. He kinda behave well... But he's still VERY proud. In conclusion, I hope we're in different class next year. BWAHAHHAH!!!

Alright I'm going back to study. See you all after exam!! I promise ^^
p/s: Don't call me a nerd okay? -o-"