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25 December 2013

Merry Christmas + Container Hotel

Merry Christmas all! Today is such a great day. This morning, I went to school to look at the year 2014 class list. I was pretty nervous and fyi I was so happy when I saw I'm one of the 3 Pinang-bies :) Here's a picture of it:

I guess the image quality is supremely-HD. #wow

This holiday was awesome. School reopening is just few more days to go. I wished for more days. KL trip was the best. I've gained some experiences during my stay there. Riding roller coasters, having fun in the sun. I missed those relaxing moments.

I had also paid a visit to the eco-friendly Container Hotel.  The staffs were friendly and nice. I love the decorations, every bit of it. FYI Container hotel is located at Lot 1, Jalan Delima, Kuala Lumpur 55100 Malaysia. Which means it is near Pavillion, Timesquare, Sungei Wang and Lot 10! You just need about 15 minutes of walking to reach these places.

Pictures! Credits to tripadvisor 

Note: This photo of Container Hotel is courtesy of TripAdvisor 

Pictures of Container Hotel - Small Hotel Photos

this is the main entrance of Container Hotel. Do you spot something in pink? FYI that's some awesome decoration (or trademark?) of the hotel - the pink tank.

Pictures of Container Hotel - Small Hotel Photos

Close-up shot of the pink tank!

Pictures of Container Hotel - Small Hotel Photos

Bikes from WWII. During World war 2, Soldiers used these bikes to deliver mail (or anything?) . FYI, the bikes in Container Hotel are new and haven't used by soldiers yet!

Pictures of Container Hotel - Small Hotel Photos

There is a place for you to rest too! I've tried that before and it was fun :)

Oh yea, Chatime is also available!

Pictures of Container Hotel - Small Hotel Photos

You can buy drinks and enjoy it upstairs! *Slurp

Now let's take a look at the rooms!

Pictures of Container Hotel - Small Hotel Photos

One of the three unique rooms ! Enrich your experiences by staying inside.

Pictures of Container Hotel - Small Hotel Photos

Inside the room! And look there's a swan!

The designs were simple but cool. FYI, you shall use the toilet near your room.

Photos of Container Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Hand-washer outside the toilet :)

Photos of Container Hotel - Small Hotel Images

One more!

Photos of Container Hotel - Small Hotel Images

A mural.

Now, shall we proceed to the rooms upstairs?

Images of Container Hotel - Small Hotel Pictures

Second design of the rooms! FYI, they are made of containers which is a very brilliant idea.

Pictures of Container Hotel - Small Hotel Photos

Inside. Can't you believe it? This room can fit 8 persons as it provides 8 beds! Furthermore, you can even choose your own roommates :)

Heading to the last design of room! FYI this room is placed at the ground floor and bad news is I have no picture for the outside view of the room. :(

Anyway, inside the room!

Photos of Container Hotel - Small Hotel Images

Fits 2 person :)

Pictures of Container Hotel - Small Hotel Photos

Second one!

Pictures of Container Hotel - Small Hotel Photos

And the washroom!

Container Hotel never fails to bring me excitement! It is highly recommended for back-pack travellers and the price is quite affordable.  Here's the link of their official website :)

You should stay at the hotel when you are in Kuala Lumpur. It is a nice place. It also provides free Wi-fi for smartphone or tablet owners! If you are a shopping maniac, it is the best place for you to stay :D

That's all for today's post!

Container hotel address : Lot 1, Jalan Delima, Kuala Lumpur 55100 Malaysia.

Visit their instagram : containerhotel and for any enquiries, send your mail to enquiry@containerhotel.com.my or call them (03-21104388).

09 December 2013

Virus in my phone

It's already the last month of 2013.

The bad news is, I cannot turn on my freaking phone. It happened when I downloaded a nice font.

Just now.

The system requires to restart my phone and when I did that, tada.. - IT WON'T TURN ON. 

Perhaps it has been infected by that damn virus... 

All I need to do is to lend it to the phone repairing shop T___T

Which I apparently haven't get it repaired yet.

Alright that's all.

03 December 2013


Lol okay. While surfing learnmyself , I somehow took the quiz and here's the result!

21 November 2013


So recently I'm watching K-dramas. The Heirs and I hear your voice. Man, these dramas are awesome. They are so interesting that I couldn't stop myself from watching them. Mostly, I spend time watching drama. There are 2 more homeworks left for me to deal with. I'll just finish them as soon as I am done watching dramas.

Tomorrow is the day. The day where MAMA arrives. MAMA, as known as Mnet Asian Music Awards is coming up! I've been waiting for this day (Tomorrow) for a year. It is held once a year. So, I'm not going to miss it!

Perhaps this video is handy for you guys?



Because some videos aren't available for my country. :(

This video sounds okay though, in case it is error, please find another video.

Okay, back to the topic. I hope EXO get some awards this year.


17 November 2013

Ho-li-day + Kriscasso

School session had officially ended this Thursday. Though, I still haven't done much of the holiday homeworks.. instead spending these precious time in front of the computer. I'm in progress of planning what to do during this short period of holidays. Uhm, yeah, short.

So how was my layout?? kekeke.. Its superb awesome especially the navi parts :D I have also added a twitter widget at the left side. Do follow meh ^_^

Okay okay. I'm here to share something ridiculous. Behold...

(image credit to google)


Look at that. Only Kris has bold eyebrows. And D.O's expression "0 o 0" lololo

Here's another for ya peeps. Kris's drawings are so unique :')))
hahahaa >_<

See ya guys! And Happy holidays.

02 November 2013

le lazy day

Just getting to be lazier although there were piles of worksheets waiting for me to done 'em. Days can't be more boring during this holiday. I'm not expecting myself to do so many worksheets (aka band papers) because I'm being lazy. The first thing rushed inside my mind was to do nothing. Perhaps, I'm lazy to watch TV, lazy to play computer games, lazy to do homework. That laziness annoys me.

After the End-Of-Year exam, I released a huge sigh knowing I had freedom. But the days after that, I'm being lazy of mostly, everything.

It's already 11.37 pm now and I'm still writing.

Okay, it's late. Bye.

24 October 2013

Goodbye EOY


The EOY examination has coming to its end. In conclusion, it had been a tough time for me and the canditates. Man, that exam was huge. Sincerely, I just hope I can get better results for this time.

Back to the topic... okay, from now on, I have the freedom I wanted! Like finally..  So yeah, these days are indeed hectic. I can't believe it's already the end of October now. Holidays are coming soon. Yay! This holiday is going to be awe-some! Perhaps..  I'm just lazy to do anything now... I guess its time to relax and enjoy the day. ;D

17 September 2013


It's the middle of September. And the EOY is approaching. My classmates are having their urges to study. But, as usual, the noisemakers who sat at the end of the class did their job. lol. I really hate those noises. They are damn annoying.

Recently, we shifted our class (2P) to another class. This is because we are noisy. Teachers came to our class to complain about us. Tbh, my class is the noisiest of all. I really can't stand for those irritating noises, but luckily I'm not the one who makes noises.

So there's a new K-drama I'm watching lately. The title is "Good Doctor". The doctor has cool memorizing skills that anyone could wished for. But, he is timid. He scared everything. Still, he has the skills. Back to my topic, honestly, I have a thought that Park Shion's attitude is a little akin with mine. Like seriously. Except for the speaking part. LOL 

I have a friend who behaves weird. It's like she's depressed for some reasons. I tried to comfort and reassure her but she seems bothered. I don't know why but I don't like her plastering smile. Its just.. not genuine. She keeps telling me it's okay but her facial expression tells me she's not. I don't know what to do. I got a feeling that she did it on purpose. So that I can't focus listening to the teacher when she's teaching and thinking about comforting her. Was I wrong? I seriously don't know. 

She just bothers me. tbh, I said sorry multiple times for no reason in class. She's being too emotional. She will be sad when someone says her even it's a joke. She called it harassment. She's taking it too serious. I wish myself to mind my own business than caring others too much. really.

I can just pray for a normal friendship without emo or sad. It really bothers.


18 August 2013

School reopening

Yeah, school is reopening today. This couldn't get any more boring-er than staying at home watching TV. I am going to grunt about this holidays are so short! But, people can't travel back to holidays. Gonna accept this fact anyhow.. :(

The school project week is ending now, I'm so glad to hear that. But, there are some projects that I haven't deal with them... Okay, all I need to do is to finish them. 

Back to the point. Actually why I write this post is to express my anger to a hypocrite at my class. She's like, when she apparently has no companion, then she sticks with the friend I'm hanging out with and fake a smile. I find her attitude very annoying. She's always like that. 

But, I guess nobody ever notice her 'true colour' yeah? She likes to hide books. Lol, how childish. I think I'm the one who gets her attention. Not long ago, she was making an excuse to 'borrow' my book. And it took A MONTH LONG for her to return it back.

And during the time when she borrows my book I texted her whether she had copied all of the contents. Then, no reply from her. I was sort of spamming her phone. The next day, she approached me with a fake smile (again) and tell me her phone condition was out of battery. This is obviously an excuse made by her. Everyone in the world knows to charge their phone when it signed 'low battery'. Excuse Failed. 

From that day on, she tells her friends not to befriend with me. I swear I didn't did anything wrong, right? I'm just requesting her to return back my book. But, she returns after A WHOLE MONTH and didn't seem guilty anyhow, and it was like everything is my fault and not hers. She was like: I can borrow anytime and I can return whenever I like because its in my hand now  What a lousy attitude lol/

Maybe you readers, especially my friends will know who is the girl I'm talking about but please don't tell her this post and my blog. Or else, she will end up creating a blog of bad words and visit mine to check? I don't want that to happen because she's already crazily follow my instagram. Because of that, I had to put it private and ignore her request. Thank you for co-operation guys.     

02 August 2013

Mirror speaks the truth of you.

Hey there. I have been wandering what to write now. I can't write any much longer because I have upcoming tuition next. So, recently I am getting used to that stupid punishment for one whole months. Things couldn't get worse as the place I'm standing is next to the bastard who is likely had bad behavior.

This bastard is making me annoyed. Its like she's being good when she is talking to new friends, but she turned out to be a devil when she is facing her current friend.  For god's sake, currently she tried to snatch away my friend from me. It happens every time when I tried to start a conversation with my friend, then she approaches to my friend and immediately showed her fake smile when she talks.

I have got to explain for this matter. Because I can't stand for people who is so fake and evil-hearted. Ha! You did win, bastard. Thank you for snatching my friends and they are starting to boycott me. You even talked bad words of me. Dontcha think that I'm stupid, girl. This stupid game has to be over. I believe in one day, you won't get a true friend because you are also freaking fake.

29 July 2013



































【口才 三要点】





2.把握时机,言语得体,正所谓“说得好不如说的巧” 。




5.裸眼看世界 别带色彩。



这些精心收藏的话,从各个角度来讲都特别的全面,不论是事业还是爱情。更重要的是做人!有好的东西不敢独享,特此拿出来和大家一起分享,共同进步。 你会发现,你的胸怀和境界会有所提高!

08 July 2013

The fact

Wow, True enough. Honestly, this really occurred to me. I have this thought in the early school years. Days were unamiable. The so-called 'friends' were akin to the quote above.

I had to say this is the fact when I am in school. Classmates would give me cold shoulders as if I am a surplus. This spoiles my mood every day. Being in the different class with my closer and faithful friends are noxious.

Just then, I hate the fact that I only have few trusted classmates. But all of them have their own best friend. So during the speech/dialogue and some projects which require group-work, I am left.

Currently, the PSV project requires one or two classmates. So reluctantly I asked the classmate beside my seat to pair with me. Without thinking, she wants to handle it solo. I am hestitated. I find the ones I can trust. Still won't work. All of them have their own pairs. This makes me infuriate. I just can't understand why. At last, I decided to do it solo. /sad-ending/

For me, I only have some close friends. Only those whom are sincere and trustworthy enough.

Maybe it was my personality affected my friendliness.

I do have friends, but they are just temporary. They are the "once they need some help they will search for you, otherwise you are invisible" type.

Okay I will stop writing and try to be more optimistic. I shall try to be friendly and befriend with anyone. I'm ostracized.



Duh. Come back with a heap of projects. I am not equilibrium . Great, now I didn't have ample time to done all of them. I'm bemused. I'm inadequacy to do such heavy tasks.

It is such a busy week. I cannot sit there and be exasperate, rather than figure up the solution.

Just in case, wish me good luck.  

30 June 2013

Sunday, a holiday.

Today is a holiday. I'm so relieved 'cause got one more day to be away from the stressful school day! But honestly, school days are also exciting, if only the teachers lessen the home works they'd give..

It's also the last day of June. Goodbye June! I hope the next following months will be great! I am regret that I didn't use the time properly and let it to be waste. *learned a lesson :-( *

Oh well, tomorrow is an important day. There will be a contest held at my school. Its a ping-pong contest. Although I did not take part in it, but it will be very exciting to watch them play tomorrow.

A friend of mine who took part in the contest, once told me she was very nervous as the contest date is stepping closer. Don't fret! Do as you can, play as you can. I just want wish you all the best at here.

Recently my mood to study has already flew away. I don't know how to catch it back. Maybe it wants me to rest? Yeah, maybe. I was thinking of that. Just as the exam was over, it flew away, just like that.

Now, my mind is blank. I just couldn't think anything. Okay, time recovers everything, so I'll let time deal with this.. Maybe I'm just childish to have this thought...

So... how's my current layout? It has already a while since I changed or updated my blog posts rapidly. I just cannot bear to see those annoying advertisements spamming at the chatbox.

Why on earth do you advertisement guys keeping writting at it? But one thing you need to know, I will Never. Ever. see the ads. Ever! Just, don't. write and post on the chat box, okay!?


Tomorrow.. I can't wait. Would you mind to click on the ads at the right-hand sight if possible?   Gomawoo! (thanks)

24 June 2013

Breaking news

Heyy! have you guys heard SHINee's new song- breaking news? It's amazing! *throws confetti everywhere* A worth of time to hear. Jonghyun's vocal is recovering. Such a good news! Here's some video of "breaking news" for you guys who haven't watch their music video yet! Sit back and watch.

Haha, amazing right? I missed them, especially the vocalist, dino Jjong! He is smoky sexy *spazzling*

Le Untitled

Yoohooo! The exam was ended and the results are getting me nervous. I am SO stressed during these few days 'cause my result will be reveal this FRIDAY! What am I going to act like if I get too bad or good? I'm so damn nervous! As the rumors said, I get the 2nd best in my class! But SERIOUSLY YOU GOTTA KIDDING ME BRO. Honestly from my opinion, I think my class doesn't show any competitive attitudes at all. Actually get 2nd in my class isn't something to be proud of. Or maybe I'm just lucky this time, that all the questions are quite moderate till I can answer most of them?

The Stress thingy seems activated again. Usually stress happens before exam week, right? But I always have this stress. Sometimes, stress can be a move for you to success. If you live without stress, it could turn to be awful.

Okay seems like I have gotta release it now! Begins!
















So, that's it for today. Got to go. BYE

16 May 2013

exam week

It has been a busy exam week for me. I felt weird cause unbelievably this was the first exam I'd taken this year lor! Busy studying...  this exam will be end few more days later! Okay. A time to relax? Afraid No. There would be manyy holiday homeworks!! Like crazy! Sighed... 

Ohyea, did I mentioned "motivation" on my last post? Luckily, it came straight towards my head. So yeah, bad news turned good! 

Today, I did forgot to read some topics related to Geography. During the exam, luckily for me, I knew how to solve the questions. 

I really hope this long exam will be over soon! It really had squeezed many brainjuices from my brain  :(   

Just then I was at outside the exam hall, guess what I'd saw there? Someone actually bring SHINee's aqua bag to school. I thought it would be normal as they are famous in my school? I have mixed feelings and have no idea how to describe it now. Maybe excited-happy-curious-sad-jelly lor! I thought is my friend's bag, so I just accept the reality that she bought it. 

But it's not hers. It belongs to a girl which is just my acquaintance. One thing I'm sad is why she likes them.. :(  Maybe I think I need to stop sharing any pictures via Facebook or just unfriend her. Is she a copycat or did I thinked too far? I don't know that. 

Okay let's not talk about this. Looking forwards to exam and I hope I can get better results than last year's :) 

01 May 2013

Normally 'abnormal' day

Hello! Happy No-School Holiday! Today is labour's day fyi. 

It's public holiday. I thought it will be pleasure for me. For the second thought, it is just a plain day which has tuition like every day's. I am lack of motivation and interest to revise some subjects. WORST OF ALL, THE EXAM IS APPROACHING AND I DID NOTHING AGAINST IT. 

Where are you my motivation? I am super stressed cause I didn't prepared anything for this upcoming exam. 

Arghh, I need the motivate and pass the exam with flying colours!

30 March 2013


Hellooo all! So I'm here with my new layout. Kk my title refers to SHINee- stranger as this is my most favourite song ever.
A few weeks ago, i got participate in a contest which consists of my classmates. We made a team. One of my teammate chose Beautiful Night as our singing track. We continued to stay back after school to practise our song and dance moves for the competition but less than half teammates are absent. They always refuse to stay back. I thought we are going to be in deep trouble. But at the competition, they did a great job so far?

And the day after that, winners were announced. Guess what, my team is launching to the final. I just can't believe it. We didn't do our best but the result is not quite bad.
My friend's team which is performing my favourite group's song- Sherlock didn't get into the final. That's saddening. At least, you all have done your best. Fighting!

Have you seen the news about SHINee rumours again? It says Onew and JungAh are dating, Onew smokes, Onew points middle fingle...
Why did these kind of incident happen to Onew? He would totally be very embarrasing. But the dating problem seems kinda true. (my opinion) JungAh says they are just best friends. I hope all the things is like what she is saying. Fine. He doesn't smokes and accidentally points middle fingle without knowing.

Let bygones be bygones, Onew, don't think about your past. Let's all forgot those awful problems and continue to show support to them. :) Okay I know the topic is switching now... lets switch back to school. tomorrow.

So fast. The holiday ends after today. I want more! lol.. the time cannot look back :( A few days later, we will perform Beautiful Night at the stadium. I am getting my nerves on now by thinking of it.  Give me luck! Bye~

14 January 2013


Hello! I'm finally back on my track! So how was your 2012 holidays? I enjoyed it. I called it daebak! Yeah, talk about daebak, I do enjoy the 2012 Asian Super Showcase, cause it's my very own first time to be in a concert! 

Sorry for not provide you some pictures taken at there. Just in case, I do recorded a little short video for the sneak preview of the showcase! :D The showcase ends at 11.00 p.m (malaysia time) and we enjoyed it so far!

As for now, I kinda miss my free days during the holidays because recently my home works were madly many. Just as possible as I can, barely get the ample time to finish all of those home works.

And yesterday was very nice! My ultimate bias SHINee went to KLIA airport. They received a warm welcome there, with BtoB. Obviously, SHINee, although I can't possibly made there ( school-ing) , but welcome to Malaysia! We shawols love you! XD 

Tomorrow is the day we have been waiting for. That's Golden Disk Awards! 27 Groups will be there! (Y) My classmates who are obsessed in K-pop, all went nuts, including me. Our bias had finally visited Malaysia! Most of all, our distances are nearer than usual!

OMG, I wish I was there. 

Nonsense, that will be a dream.

Because tomorrow is also a schooling day...

Alright, back to reality. Even though I can't had a closer sight with them, but at least, I can watch the GDA at streaming channels! Oh, and happy birthday JongIn (KAI)!

And help me a flavor, can you click on my nuffnang ads down the last blog post?? Thank You ^_^