Tiny Finger Point Hand With Heart pandaroma: January 2013

14 January 2013


Hello! I'm finally back on my track! So how was your 2012 holidays? I enjoyed it. I called it daebak! Yeah, talk about daebak, I do enjoy the 2012 Asian Super Showcase, cause it's my very own first time to be in a concert! 

Sorry for not provide you some pictures taken at there. Just in case, I do recorded a little short video for the sneak preview of the showcase! :D The showcase ends at 11.00 p.m (malaysia time) and we enjoyed it so far!

As for now, I kinda miss my free days during the holidays because recently my home works were madly many. Just as possible as I can, barely get the ample time to finish all of those home works.

And yesterday was very nice! My ultimate bias SHINee went to KLIA airport. They received a warm welcome there, with BtoB. Obviously, SHINee, although I can't possibly made there ( school-ing) , but welcome to Malaysia! We shawols love you! XD 

Tomorrow is the day we have been waiting for. That's Golden Disk Awards! 27 Groups will be there! (Y) My classmates who are obsessed in K-pop, all went nuts, including me. Our bias had finally visited Malaysia! Most of all, our distances are nearer than usual!

OMG, I wish I was there. 

Nonsense, that will be a dream.

Because tomorrow is also a schooling day...

Alright, back to reality. Even though I can't had a closer sight with them, but at least, I can watch the GDA at streaming channels! Oh, and happy birthday JongIn (KAI)!

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