Tiny Finger Point Hand With Heart pandaroma: May 2013

16 May 2013

exam week

It has been a busy exam week for me. I felt weird cause unbelievably this was the first exam I'd taken this year lor! Busy studying...  this exam will be end few more days later! Okay. A time to relax? Afraid No. There would be manyy holiday homeworks!! Like crazy! Sighed... 

Ohyea, did I mentioned "motivation" on my last post? Luckily, it came straight towards my head. So yeah, bad news turned good! 

Today, I did forgot to read some topics related to Geography. During the exam, luckily for me, I knew how to solve the questions. 

I really hope this long exam will be over soon! It really had squeezed many brainjuices from my brain  :(   

Just then I was at outside the exam hall, guess what I'd saw there? Someone actually bring SHINee's aqua bag to school. I thought it would be normal as they are famous in my school? I have mixed feelings and have no idea how to describe it now. Maybe excited-happy-curious-sad-jelly lor! I thought is my friend's bag, so I just accept the reality that she bought it. 

But it's not hers. It belongs to a girl which is just my acquaintance. One thing I'm sad is why she likes them.. :(  Maybe I think I need to stop sharing any pictures via Facebook or just unfriend her. Is she a copycat or did I thinked too far? I don't know that. 

Okay let's not talk about this. Looking forwards to exam and I hope I can get better results than last year's :) 

01 May 2013

Normally 'abnormal' day

Hello! Happy No-School Holiday! Today is labour's day fyi. 

It's public holiday. I thought it will be pleasure for me. For the second thought, it is just a plain day which has tuition like every day's. I am lack of motivation and interest to revise some subjects. WORST OF ALL, THE EXAM IS APPROACHING AND I DID NOTHING AGAINST IT. 

Where are you my motivation? I am super stressed cause I didn't prepared anything for this upcoming exam. 

Arghh, I need the motivate and pass the exam with flying colours!