Tiny Finger Point Hand With Heart pandaroma: June 2013

30 June 2013

Sunday, a holiday.

Today is a holiday. I'm so relieved 'cause got one more day to be away from the stressful school day! But honestly, school days are also exciting, if only the teachers lessen the home works they'd give..

It's also the last day of June. Goodbye June! I hope the next following months will be great! I am regret that I didn't use the time properly and let it to be waste. *learned a lesson :-( *

Oh well, tomorrow is an important day. There will be a contest held at my school. Its a ping-pong contest. Although I did not take part in it, but it will be very exciting to watch them play tomorrow.

A friend of mine who took part in the contest, once told me she was very nervous as the contest date is stepping closer. Don't fret! Do as you can, play as you can. I just want wish you all the best at here.

Recently my mood to study has already flew away. I don't know how to catch it back. Maybe it wants me to rest? Yeah, maybe. I was thinking of that. Just as the exam was over, it flew away, just like that.

Now, my mind is blank. I just couldn't think anything. Okay, time recovers everything, so I'll let time deal with this.. Maybe I'm just childish to have this thought...

So... how's my current layout? It has already a while since I changed or updated my blog posts rapidly. I just cannot bear to see those annoying advertisements spamming at the chatbox.

Why on earth do you advertisement guys keeping writting at it? But one thing you need to know, I will Never. Ever. see the ads. Ever! Just, don't. write and post on the chat box, okay!?


Tomorrow.. I can't wait. Would you mind to click on the ads at the right-hand sight if possible?   Gomawoo! (thanks)

24 June 2013

Breaking news

Heyy! have you guys heard SHINee's new song- breaking news? It's amazing! *throws confetti everywhere* A worth of time to hear. Jonghyun's vocal is recovering. Such a good news! Here's some video of "breaking news" for you guys who haven't watch their music video yet! Sit back and watch.

Haha, amazing right? I missed them, especially the vocalist, dino Jjong! He is smoky sexy *spazzling*

Le Untitled

Yoohooo! The exam was ended and the results are getting me nervous. I am SO stressed during these few days 'cause my result will be reveal this FRIDAY! What am I going to act like if I get too bad or good? I'm so damn nervous! As the rumors said, I get the 2nd best in my class! But SERIOUSLY YOU GOTTA KIDDING ME BRO. Honestly from my opinion, I think my class doesn't show any competitive attitudes at all. Actually get 2nd in my class isn't something to be proud of. Or maybe I'm just lucky this time, that all the questions are quite moderate till I can answer most of them?

The Stress thingy seems activated again. Usually stress happens before exam week, right? But I always have this stress. Sometimes, stress can be a move for you to success. If you live without stress, it could turn to be awful.

Okay seems like I have gotta release it now! Begins!
















So, that's it for today. Got to go. BYE