Tiny Finger Point Hand With Heart pandaroma: August 2013

18 August 2013

School reopening

Yeah, school is reopening today. This couldn't get any more boring-er than staying at home watching TV. I am going to grunt about this holidays are so short! But, people can't travel back to holidays. Gonna accept this fact anyhow.. :(

The school project week is ending now, I'm so glad to hear that. But, there are some projects that I haven't deal with them... Okay, all I need to do is to finish them. 

Back to the point. Actually why I write this post is to express my anger to a hypocrite at my class. She's like, when she apparently has no companion, then she sticks with the friend I'm hanging out with and fake a smile. I find her attitude very annoying. She's always like that. 

But, I guess nobody ever notice her 'true colour' yeah? She likes to hide books. Lol, how childish. I think I'm the one who gets her attention. Not long ago, she was making an excuse to 'borrow' my book. And it took A MONTH LONG for her to return it back.

And during the time when she borrows my book I texted her whether she had copied all of the contents. Then, no reply from her. I was sort of spamming her phone. The next day, she approached me with a fake smile (again) and tell me her phone condition was out of battery. This is obviously an excuse made by her. Everyone in the world knows to charge their phone when it signed 'low battery'. Excuse Failed. 

From that day on, she tells her friends not to befriend with me. I swear I didn't did anything wrong, right? I'm just requesting her to return back my book. But, she returns after A WHOLE MONTH and didn't seem guilty anyhow, and it was like everything is my fault and not hers. She was like: I can borrow anytime and I can return whenever I like because its in my hand now  What a lousy attitude lol/

Maybe you readers, especially my friends will know who is the girl I'm talking about but please don't tell her this post and my blog. Or else, she will end up creating a blog of bad words and visit mine to check? I don't want that to happen because she's already crazily follow my instagram. Because of that, I had to put it private and ignore her request. Thank you for co-operation guys.     

02 August 2013

Mirror speaks the truth of you.

Hey there. I have been wandering what to write now. I can't write any much longer because I have upcoming tuition next. So, recently I am getting used to that stupid punishment for one whole months. Things couldn't get worse as the place I'm standing is next to the bastard who is likely had bad behavior.

This bastard is making me annoyed. Its like she's being good when she is talking to new friends, but she turned out to be a devil when she is facing her current friend.  For god's sake, currently she tried to snatch away my friend from me. It happens every time when I tried to start a conversation with my friend, then she approaches to my friend and immediately showed her fake smile when she talks.

I have got to explain for this matter. Because I can't stand for people who is so fake and evil-hearted. Ha! You did win, bastard. Thank you for snatching my friends and they are starting to boycott me. You even talked bad words of me. Dontcha think that I'm stupid, girl. This stupid game has to be over. I believe in one day, you won't get a true friend because you are also freaking fake.