Tiny Finger Point Hand With Heart pandaroma: November 2013

21 November 2013


So recently I'm watching K-dramas. The Heirs and I hear your voice. Man, these dramas are awesome. They are so interesting that I couldn't stop myself from watching them. Mostly, I spend time watching drama. There are 2 more homeworks left for me to deal with. I'll just finish them as soon as I am done watching dramas.

Tomorrow is the day. The day where MAMA arrives. MAMA, as known as Mnet Asian Music Awards is coming up! I've been waiting for this day (Tomorrow) for a year. It is held once a year. So, I'm not going to miss it!

Perhaps this video is handy for you guys?



Because some videos aren't available for my country. :(

This video sounds okay though, in case it is error, please find another video.

Okay, back to the topic. I hope EXO get some awards this year.


17 November 2013

Ho-li-day + Kriscasso

School session had officially ended this Thursday. Though, I still haven't done much of the holiday homeworks.. instead spending these precious time in front of the computer. I'm in progress of planning what to do during this short period of holidays. Uhm, yeah, short.

So how was my layout?? kekeke.. Its superb awesome especially the navi parts :D I have also added a twitter widget at the left side. Do follow meh ^_^

Okay okay. I'm here to share something ridiculous. Behold...

(image credit to google)


Look at that. Only Kris has bold eyebrows. And D.O's expression "0 o 0" lololo

Here's another for ya peeps. Kris's drawings are so unique :')))
hahahaa >_<

See ya guys! And Happy holidays.

02 November 2013

le lazy day

Just getting to be lazier although there were piles of worksheets waiting for me to done 'em. Days can't be more boring during this holiday. I'm not expecting myself to do so many worksheets (aka band papers) because I'm being lazy. The first thing rushed inside my mind was to do nothing. Perhaps, I'm lazy to watch TV, lazy to play computer games, lazy to do homework. That laziness annoys me.

After the End-Of-Year exam, I released a huge sigh knowing I had freedom. But the days after that, I'm being lazy of mostly, everything.

It's already 11.37 pm now and I'm still writing.

Okay, it's late. Bye.