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18 April 2014

Mighty Minds 2014

So I had take part in Mighty Minds at 12 April 2014. This was an awesome experience for me, as we managed to get the first price!

I can't believe we had win. We defeated over hundreds of team in the first round. And Xin Min commented I was teary-eyed when I saw the current rankings on the LCD screen that we succeed getting #3 , which means top 5 in the MCQ part. Xin Min and Angeline and I were very happy that we screamed when we were in the third of the ranking. 

The questions were actually odd. Mostly about current affairs. I remembered a question of Barack Obama's secretary. Angeline knew the answer. It's a korean but I have already forgot his/her name. Li Na- the tennis player, Xin Min knew that. And some tourist stuffs Xin Min knew. While me, trying hard to shoot some answer and eventually, I guess 3 questions and 3 out of 2 is correct. hahaah.

Next, the hands-on challenge. The theme for lower secondary is 'paper caper'. Before the day of this competition, Xin Min and I went over to Angeline's house to prepare for the hands-on. So, we decided to make a model regarding about illegal deforestation. This idea came out of my mind but I remain unsure. After telling it to Xin Min and Angeline, they agreed. Here's a picture of our model.  

I knew the model is ridiculous right hahaha. Our model keeps topple so we need to fix it.

After the hands-on, we are the fifth group to present our model in front of 3 judges. I like how Xin Min and Angeline presents confidently to the judges and also the public, while me, like a tiny little mouse, didn't dare to look at the judges while presenting mostly because I couldn't remember what I am going to say so I end up looking down to read my part.

After the oral presentation, we went back to the place where we put our belongings to hydrate ourselves. One of the contestants which happens to be my school's teammate praises our confidence when presenting, especially Angeline and Xin Min's. He said when he was strolling around the mall Angeline's voice could be heard and it was very good.

So there's a friendly guy who I think he's in charge of Mighty minds came and approached us. He praised Angeline and Xin Min. He wants me to speak, not read, because after all it's about Oral Presentation.
I hope I can overcome that fear in my heart when it comes to speaking English in public. I'm so going to brush up my English oral skills after this.

After waiting for some time, we went nervous because the result for oral presentation has revealed. My teacher in charge was also nervous. Then, the emcee revealed the fifth, forth, third, second. I felt a pang in my heart. Maybe this is the end of our competition? Then, First Place! Our oral presentation made it to the first place! We cannot be happier than this. We squealed and went to our places respectively to prepare for the last stage- Quiz w/o Multiple choices.

Before that, the emcee called Xin Min to stand beside her. Xin Min was the best presenter, said the emcee, as she defined 'paper caper' well. Claps for her!

Our group changed to Team A. I had to admit the hardest stage is the 4th stage. Until now, I was regretted for something. The question was about pancreas and pancreatic juice, if I am not mistaken. What's the disease for excess glucose? I knew the answer. But I was nervous until my mind went blank. So the emcee gave us hint, the letter starts with D. D? I knew the answer... but I couldn't think anything...  So the question went off and nobody get a score of it. Diabetes! I knew that! I kept blaming for my nervousness. No more nervous please! Grrr...

So we went through the questions and we barely scored for one question. Angeline hit the buzzer and said cocoa powder for a question which I barely remember. I remembered the standard number of piano keys is 88. Batman used Ramboghini. And some geography questions with a answer of Calcutta, India. Sorry, I cannot remember those questions hehehe...

And finally the 4th stage was over!! We waited nervously at the side.. Who wins... that was what we thought. I am very proud of my team because we managed to come this far... I am very grateful. I was expecting our team to be 2nd.

So the 5th, 4th, and 3rd place winners had taken their respectful prizes and posed for the camera. There were two teams left. Either one of the team was the champion.When the emcee announced the second prize winner, Angeline and I went excited and jumped. hahaha. So we are the first prize winner... Xin Min, Angeline and I clapped and bounced excitedly and high-fived before grabbing our prizes.

I want to thank Xin Min for being confident, brilliant and energized, and she helps me to calm down a lot! Angeline thanks for being helpful when I'm nervous, reassuring words that made me feel better. Words as simple as Hwaiting or You can do it had made me feel energized. I felt blessed to have such nice friends.

Here's a photo of the champions hehehe.. Proud of our school!

I was astonished when I saw us featuring in the newspaper.  So we're going to Klang Valley to compete with all the champions from states! They must be really good. Wishes best of luck in September for the upcoming Mighty Minds national competition!

Here's a bonus for readers!

A video of us. Enjoy~