Tiny Finger Point Hand With Heart pandaroma: November 2014

20 November 2014

School season for 2014 has ended!

Time is tiptoeing away. Specifically yesterday was the last day of school. We had also received our psychometric results. Gladly, my marks turned to be quite good.

Our school had held a colouring contest and organised a futsal contest. Without a tinge of doubt, I took part in the former contest. On the other hand, the latter was a game for boys.

We spent about 3 hours colouring the same picture.  After colouring I was literally and figuratively exhausted. GH and I rested for a moment before we leave to the office to return the camping form to the teacher-in-charge.

It was a loss for me as I was unable to join the camp due to a problem, that it is still a raining season. Probably it is also for the sake of our safety. We're all by ourselves, not being accompanied by any adult. With that, I hesitantly put down all my hopes and decided not to go. Needless to say, there'll be way more better chances out there so I think being miserable that I could not attend is not a necessary option.

We strolled back ( coz we're too free) to the stadium, watched the futsal competition and rooted for our class.(3P) Vigorous competition between classes were trying their best to score. After it ended, it was when the results were released.

I got 1st runner up for the colouring contest and GH, with amazing colouring skill has emerged as the champion for yesterday's colouring contest. But to be honest, both of us got the same prize. The only differences was only the title.

 Each and everyone bid goodbye before we separated. It was the last day for us to assemble. I had to say that 2014 is the best year for me as a part of the 3 Pinangians. I got close with a few friends, maybe involved in some minor quarrels but managed to solve it anyway, and created many memories with my buddies and classmates. Whether they were good or bad, I will still treasure those moments.

To sum up, here's a very short video:


16 November 2014


I'm not that kind of person who holds grudges. But when I do, do not freak out by this sudden rage. There is someone turning me into a raging monster. To that particular person, which I'm not sure would you see this post, I despise you a lot. At any place, high and low, if there's your presence, I'd disgusted your bitchy presence. Note that I hate every single atom of yours.

And now, you didn't realize what you have done to me. You kept causing troubles but acted like nothing happened. If it's once, I may forgive you. Unconsciously, you have done so much that every time I tried to remember all of them, I get mentally hurt. Undoubtedly, you have left a huge scar in my heart and every attempt to apologize still wouldn't heal the scars.

You have done mistakes that can't be easily forgiven. How naive you are, by thinking that you would be forgiven by muttering many 'sorrys' in front of me. Even if you shed tears, I would take that as crocodile's tears. Without a tinge of doubt, my mind managed to comprehend a word: Fake. 

Trust is very precious. It takes a long time to build, and also a minute to break down. Once a person had mistrusted you, he/she would not had the courage to trust you- the person who left a permanent scar in his/her heart, ever again. 

You are certainly a hypocrite with a hideous personality. I had seen so much evil works that you've done, just I preferred to remain silent to avoid unnecessary fights. Now, the biggest problem is you freaking even don't know what have you done. That is the BIGGEST problem, bitch. Unfortunately, your plan works every time, so nobody would notice that. 

I was impressed. You, being a bitch as usual, were always acting up. Like when you wanna snatch friends or whatever, you managed to change your frown into a curly grin as you approached them. If there is an acting award, then you should get the best acting award. Don't you get enough of your fake friendliness, actor?

Well, it's time to face the music. You should get what you have done. All bad turns deserve another. Now, think about what you have done. You said you have no idea about that, well, nice reason, because you had forgotten all of your fake acts towards me, heh? I would not remind you, as usual. 

Here's a friendly reminder: Are you stupid or what? You have a brain. Use it to THINK about what have you done rather than using it to think of another evil attempts. As you're hurting me, I would certainly not to forgive you. That's final.