Tiny Finger Point Hand With Heart pandaroma: December 2014

13 December 2014

Literally upset

Holidays are meant to unwind and relax, but not for me. They are too busy on work than to spend some precious time travelling. What is life without relax? Tension filled in the air. Every single day, they perspired more than usual, countless wrinkles plastered on their faces. Their hair started to turning grey, slowly whitish, stress accumulated but they preferred to swallow them up to keep working. 

I hate to see that they're so desperate. They deserved a day off to relax and at least, a day off without stressing over work. They had barely slow down and enjoy life, but like an effective machine, they kept working like non-stop.

Crossed fingers, I hope they can get some time off or we could go on vacation. You guys really deserve a vacation. Moreover, Christmas is coming up. I hope we can spend more precious time together, like the olden days. I hate seeing you aging and grew old yet still stubbornly cut off your relaxing time but to keep working.


04 December 2014


It's already December, the last year of 2014! While there's me, still having a bunch of holiday homeworks left to be done. I'm always procrastinating, currently stucking in the middle of fantasy world without making any progress. Seems like I'm lack of abstemious habit when I'm using the devices.

Recently, I'm addicted to play Tetris Battle on Facebook. That worsens my ideopraxist tendencies to carry out any single effective activity!! Geez, how frustrating it is.

Anyway, I've noticed that many of us here are involved in social platforms such as Facebook,  Instagram and Twitter. I'm a daily user of them, especially instagram! Scrolling instagram to check out new feeds or even new 'likes' is my daily routine. In other words, I'm addicted to it.

Nevertheless, the number of likes has already been something to be concerned about. Before I start this, I should inform you guys that what I'm going to write is only MY OPINION. NO OFFENCE PLEASE. 

If thy photo 'likes' are less than thy expected amount, then you're generally saturnine. Why does such things happen? I couldn't answer that, but what I know is, I'm also one of them mentioned here. But here's a sapient advice, we are not defined by the number of likes in facebook or instagram. Here's 3 types of Instagram users.

1) The Popular Instagrammer
And there's some type of people, had a bunch of followers exceeding 1K but followed less than 10 people. They're just ordinary people with extraordinary followers. No, not that I'm the one being jelly over here, but it's like they're pusillanimously refused to follow back? Being thrasonical that they're famous? The answer depends on how they thought of the idea.

Okay, back to the main point. Basically, I think follow back your followers are some kind of etiquette. Always remember that don't take things for granted. All thanks to the followers, you are sort of categorized in the popular group. A follow back won't cause you any trouble, right?

2) The Stalker
Basically, stalkers follow more users than their number of followers. Some of them even do not post any pictures which is kinda creepy. So I can be categorized as a normal stalker with normal posts? Perhaps so.

3) The One Who Likes Every Single Photo of A User To Get That User Follow Back
I 'beh tahan' this kind of instagrammer. They are super duper annoying to be honest. They literally spammed your timeline with dozen of likes only to get you follow them back. Worse of all, some commented on one of my ig post: " I've liked all your photos. Follow me back?" Like they are demanding you to follow back. Such a scumbag.

Oh please auntie, I won't follow you back. By the way, thanks for the likes!

When I tapped on those names, their ig posts are spammed with dozens of comments like "I've followed you, follow back?" or "follow4follow" but they seemed to ignore those comments. Seriously, such bo paiseh scumbags!  

Thank you for reading! Last but not least, all of these are just in my point of view. No offence ya!