Tiny Finger Point Hand With Heart pandaroma: February 2015

18 February 2015

Tensed up

It is such a stressful month for me. Tomorrow I'll celebrate CNY, but I AM SO DAMN STRESS FOR NOW! After 6 days of holiday (which i wanna crave for more) then voila! EXAMINATION on the first school reopening day. WADAFAK :( Then the day after that, i will participate in a quiz contest.... omgomg... i duno if i had enough time to prepare all of these :'( SO MUCH OF THESE

And Biology , Sejarah test..... I didn't start to study yet :'/ Sigh..

Why so many tasks to do right after CNY.... I wanna postpone...

This year's CNY sure won't be fun. I cant enjoy. Stressful tasks will be occupying my mind. Freaking stress. Geez

And I realized my English sucks :(

Haih... havent done my homework yet, including tuition's

For now, bye !!

(The suckest post I've ever wrote)