Tiny Finger Point Hand With Heart pandaroma: April 2015

20 April 2015


Here's a thing that I wanna confess :
I failed so many times and currently my attempt to understand physics is still failing though.. It sucks. But I think I'll give it a try, maybe there's a glint of hope. It's hard because it's the first time that I had ever encountered with this seemingly unfamiliar subject. Finals are coming yet I'm way much unprepared for that. 

Regardless of that, I'm glad that I came across with an inspiring quote- YNWA.. Abbreviation of "You'll never walk alone" everytime I deal with difficulties, this is the reason I held on. I guess. Just saying.

 I missed every single moment from m2. Especially ㅅㅌ it sounds unbelievable but it's inevitably true. Awesome people tend to inspire me lol. Little did I slowly realised, that i had slowly developed into some sense of infatuation(?) Words were incomprehensible to describe it.

It's okay if nobody understands what I'm typing, though. 

If you read this but you fully understands what I write, then I'm afraid that u r insane like I am now. Lol jk. Don't think of any possibilities coz whatever Im thinking is certainly different. XD I couldn't even know myself, why I am still reminiscing those memories although it has been so long since now. 

Frankly, I missed those times. I'm glad that we met. Note: not a romantic kind of scene. Not a single bit. I just missed the people there. Time changes everything, but it won't change memories. From strangers to friends. I'm just glad.

And there's some kawaii people- not to mention any single bit of them. I fancy cuties :) especially cute behaviours. Kpop idols are so cute- small eyes and cute smile and every action is so CUTEEEE! Basically I love cute things and people and food and all. But not stupidly cute hahah >_<

Don't freak out for my spazzing, cause I'm a typical fangirl ya know XD exo next door is BAEEE coz d.o is cute :D hi d.o fan here! Squishy cheeks d.o >_< 

talk about cute, I hate my height... It's classified as cute coz its short! Can I grow taller..  

I can't stand for my childish-expressed blog post. I'm sorry XD as usual, just ignore the spazzing moments

Web dust

hey peeps (just in case somebody read my blog) I'm finally back on track after my PROLONGED HIATUS! Awed, just look at the literally decorated web dusts bounded on my blog after N months' off  =.= 
Well I'm honoured to be here again lol... And right after this post I guess I won't update my poor little bloggie - next few months will be surely undoubtedly stressful and tiring! get ready- heaps of EXAMS are around the corner!!! DOOMed by reality, I yearned for a holiday or perhaps a long break pwease... TT

It's already mid frEaking APRIL! Geez GODDAMMMMM YOU PROCRASTINATING LITTLE FREAK!!!! I can't really handle so many subjects... They all come to me like a bunch of gorillas chasing for a banana x.x lol whatever I'm not over-describing 

Can I take a moment to sigh for all of my weak subjects? Haiz.... Form 4 life is not an end itself- ITZDABEGINNIN' #aintnoready for real.. I suck. Goddammit physics, Chinese... And many other subjects... Mentally unprepared for this upcoming exam.. 

Brain ah brain please function properly! I need u to memorise a whole lot of things =_= since I'm not good at remembering things :p jinjja, jeongmal lah

Sorrie for my not impeccable English- I was at rush to write this blog post :x

Frankly speaking, im so so so clueless on what am I doing for this past months. Stupid dumbish moments not to name any of them, conflicts and misunderstandings in emotions, just to name a few.. Maybe thats the idea of life.. I supposed 
At many times I had the thought of giving up... Why study so hard when youth is all about having fun and creating memories? I had nothing to say. No study means fail, but if study means stress! Can I heave a huge sigh now? SIGHSIGHSIGHSIGHHHHHHH 


Nah jk


This ones longer :D =_=

And my friend commented that I started to grow WHITE HAIRS!! THEY R FREAKING DAMN WHITE  
Wahlao I'm not gonna emo lol

Am I stressed? I DK
I didn't study anything recently lol but why am I still anxious
Maybe that's the reason why I'm anxious
It should be
Shouldn't it

Btw I also feel nostalgic all of a sudden. I thought about the special event- those times.. Good old times... It makes me feel sad lah :/ 

So weird
Just ignore this

Well, I suck 

I'm not that good

Maybe I'm inconceivable
I also dk what did I like..
What course am I gonna take after graduate
So many questions remained unsolved
From a over confused kiddo 
Yea, confused, you heard that right
Totally ..