Tiny Finger Point Hand With Heart pandaroma: June 2015

25 June 2015

Things wont be the same again

Nobody can substitute her part when it comes to doing household chores. Literally we have had a hard time to fit in this hectic schedule and barely had no time to do any other activities. I hate the fact that things are not the same after her departure. We are all damn busy with our own business.. And I had an idiosyncracy that I hate to live in a  home that is a dog's breakfast. This just makes me lack of focus and rather than studying, I spent damn long time to clean up the mess.. lol and finally I didn't do anything efficient for educational.. This is just unbearable. I cannot withstand the pressure that exams are coming, like again, but i'm still here busying with those...

just now i've discussed this matter with someone lol. I think I'm thinking and worrying way too much, not to mention that i've neglected my studies for a whole week. Damn, i need to get started!! I just realise that time is damn precious for me right now.. I cannot spend a minute daydreaming like before! :(( I cannot fathom this sudden change in my schedule.. it's annoying af! Like mosquitoes, all annoying matters that divides away my freaking attention!

I need a break! Things are different now and I can see the contrast of it.. 

Changing is a process of growing up... Just face the reality and grow up from the comfort zone. Maybe, this could be a good kickstart?

Whether it is a good or bad beginning, I hope it's worth it... 

15 June 2015


I'm very dissatisfied with my current exam results. There's a meagre boundary between one grade to another and there's some subjects i almost scored well.. Just a tiny whinny bit of gap- 1 or 2 marks to achieve a better grade!

Chinese subject isn't my jam tho... And I got a C for that. guess what, physics is a headache, I nearly got a B for it! One more mark!! But I was expecting it to be more than that... While my chemistry is at risk- at the starting line of B..... Geez!

This year is not a joke.. It's definitely not a year to honeymoon.. Nor did next year. I just realise that my science and literature subjects definitely need an improvement, because my results were drastically dropping..

I have no idea how physic, chemistry and biology works! most probably all of them are memorise subjects lol.......

Damn it they are deteriorating. I don't expect to get top for this time. Maybe that's the moment where people go from zero to hero or vice versa... I could be the latter.
My marks are all in their danger zone... albeit trying hard..
I just don't get it. Not that I'm demanding an explanation to fulfil this curiosity. It doesn't make sense at all.
Maybe that's the start of the life when u live out of your comfort zone

10 June 2015

Won't stop

O-m-g. School is going to reopen soon and now I still have heaps of homework to deal with. I cannot agree much that I am such a lazy-bug during this 2 weeks holiday! Time spent weren't effective tho..

Good thing that during this holiday I've had an activity to keep myself preoccupied. At least, that's what I've thought. My NiE group is still in progressing and the due date is coming right up! I just hoped that we could finish it in the stipulated time given.. We still have a bunch to do.

I am such a failure during this holiday! Not going anywhere but I cannot keep my hands off from swiping screens.. Everyday I'm facebook-ing, stalking, instagramming, ask.fm-ing and etc etc....

And that's how i spent a day. Waste.


I almost forgot all the study materials. Oh good brain good memory (sarcasm)

Sigh sigh sigh to the umpteen time


Shakes head*

09 June 2015


You're leaving us. It has been a long time with you. You are like our second guardian. You cared for our matters and problems and helped us in many forms. We couldn't do anything much but muttering you a 'thank you' is what we could do now. Everything else is futile beyond words.

Thank you for entering my life and aid us through our path of journey. Without you, I would not be able to pursue my dream freely during all these years. I know it has been more than ten years of our partnership, that everything happened- those ups and downs will be treasured at the core of our hearts.

It feels good to be united with your real family again. However, I hope you would not forget us at there and the memories we shared all these years. They were truly valuable.

Time flies in a jiffy. We all tend to grow up and became busy. We tend not to care about people at our surroundings. When they leave, it's the time that we only realize, they were there and we refused to let them go. Letting go may be a new blessing in our life, or it might be worse than before. We wouldn't know our fate after your depart.