Tiny Finger Point Hand With Heart pandaroma: September 2015

17 September 2015


Oh damn. I'm a mess. Frustrating over things which I can't get the idea behind of it. I'm screwed up. Oh gosh. Why on earth does Sj exists?! This subject has nothing that favours me. It's like testing your memorial skills but not understanding skills, so what's the point of memorising these unrelated things... Such a headache. When I seek help from teachers, I had a devil in my mind halting me to do so. It's embarrassing to ask the same thing over and over again right? I can't do anything much about it. Geez. The exam date is approaching. 10 days left until school reopens. Hah maybe after all, I deserve this. I had put myself on study hiatus for many a time. DAMNNNN HATE EXAMMMMM!!!! ARGHHHH!!!! Stupid me, keep blaming the difficulty of it when I've done nothing to fight towards the upcoming finals. Sigh. I need therapy. ASAP.