Tiny Finger Point Hand With Heart pandaroma: April 2016

25 April 2016


Gosh, why bts had to be so damn good looking! They stole our hearts... and it's a serious crime to be so dangerously handsome!! They're so freaking perfect like oh my gosh did I just see jin's freaking blond hair I was stunned by his handsomeness! I thought he was just a mama in bts but he turns or to be the hot mama oh god my heart cannot contain the excitement!! Damn hobie is so alluring and cute and charming and sexy, remind me why did I have to like bts again, oh my god u see suga's images are damn door and cool which is like him and v omg he's flawless damn it my life is ruined by these bunch of handsome dorks who I didn't even meet in reality!!!! Why did them manage to cast a spell that will make me overdose whenever I watched their pictures and listen to their songs so damn magical oh god it feels so damn intoxicating, everything seems enchanted and fluffy unicorns sprinkles over the rainbow ~ it's so illegal to steal our hearts without any effort. Just one smile and boom, ovaries explode xD young forever makes me emotional and wanting to cry. It has this effect to make me feel terribly emotional........ they sung their heart to the song.. that's the part I like the most...  how can they be so perfect...... I wish time can stop to this beautiful moment and let us enjoy the life of sharing idols ....... they're human too. They get old too. I can't imagine the day where they became ahjussi and starts to part their ways.................. it's so damn heart aching!! Gosh :*(((( so we gotta live for the moment... as for now, although there are hardships, I believe this week be the most beautiful moment in our life..........hyyh..... bangtan oppas, ure the only group that makes me go emotional and happy and sad and every emotions........  hysterical they say. I'm proud to be an ARMY !!!!! Saranghaeyo, gomawoo, yeonwonghi haengbokkae <3

18 April 2016

Oh shit my finger hurts! Somehow my attempt to balance my body was a success but I cracked my finger as a result.. wtf when I balled it into fist immediately the pain is so intense!! Damn!! Shit!!! Holy crap!! And FUCK ITS MY HANDWRITING FINGER DAMN IT

08 April 2016


Honestly, I'm scared.. I've always been like this... But not sure is it migrane or not. I dislike swallowing painkillers to stop the pain, temporarily... But if I don't do that, the pain will be more intense.. what's wrong with my head? Especially when I'm revising then it goes rebel then headache forms. Is stress the cause? Sigh....

What's wrong with my health.... I felt my hair is slowly detaching.... when I comb it there will be a few strands falling..Is this the outcome of stress?

If the answer is yes, then I'm speechless.... maybe I've pressed myself out of my limits. But I do procrastinate more than studying... last minute preparation sucks