Tiny Finger Point Hand With Heart pandaroma: November 2016

20 November 2016


Alright, three more subjects to go. Well don't ask me how's everything going. Cause its a mess. This is my first time experiencing such helpless feeling. No matter how much I've studied, the exam is way more harder than expected. I'm utterly disappointed with my performance doing the past papers. I've done with all my might but its still hard.. my addmaths was done careless. Sigh. It's really really difficult. My confidence decreased because I know the following papers will also be that hard.
I'm mentally tired. Tired from expecting everything from the spotted questions to come out in the exam but nothing did.
Lessons learned from the past. Never trust spotted questions too much.
And don't rely on tips. It's a bad habit. This was my experience. Just don't. Do everything, read everything and try to understand everything. Spm is a vicious exam. The questions are just out of mind. You can't even think of what it'll come out on the actual day. I hope everything will be okay soon. My mind is drained by continuous surprises from the exam. I'm tired of being a lab rat. Just... I hope the whole graph will be adjusted so things will not turn out to be that bad..
I also wish my Sejarah could at least achieve a C. This was a painful lesson as I trusted KBAT questions will come out. But It didn't. No more bonus marks. Hope was fading.
Its okay. The past is already the past, let bygones be bygones. Inhale the damn future, exhale the past. Everything's going to be all right. We need to fight with all our might to win this battle called spm. All the hardships will be valuable. Its okay, one day the pain will fade away. Yeah.

04 November 2016

D day is coming

3 more days and I'll face the most important exam in my secondary school life. That's the mark of the end of my greatest youth. And the start of a tiring college life. I can't believe how fast time flies. A moment I were just enrolling into form 1, knowing nothing much about the school I stepped in. Then in these 5 years, I learnt a lot. I dealt with many friendship problems, including heartbreak, quarrel, misunderstanding and not being friends anymore. There are some times I wonder my studying ability. There are people who admired my academics and some even jealous of it (?) by not able to believe my results. Damn. Those were the days I lived my life so freaking suck. I've always thought of exam as another practice. Maybe that's the key I'm calm coz I'm just doing my homework.
Now I'm rushing to study history, which is by far my worst subject. I don't know what to trust. Online tips and spot questions are surely alluring but I don't know the validity of it.
So how....
I hope I can do things smoothly. Please, pray for me and all of those who are going to have exam as well.