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19 February 2017

New update

It's been ages since my last update on this blog. Now I had driving lessons and hopefully I can master how to control a manual operated car and get that P-license. FYI, my driving instructor is a female instead of the norm- a male. I guess all the driving instructor are the same after all, regardless of their sex. They are impatient and guess what, since we're Asians they expect the best out of us, the beginner who had positively zero knowledge on handling a manual operated vehicle. After a couple of lessons (3 to be exact), I barely familiarize with those basic handling skills such as changing gears. Aunty instructed me which way to turn, and is always yelling at me for my silly mistakes. Basically I had no idea which way to turn as I was busy changing gears and stepping on the pedals. Luckily, yesterday I didn't get much complain from aunty except being a slow response driver. I'm glad!!

Recently Facebook has updated to a newer version which looks like the new Instagram. The main point is I'm SHOOK to know it's recent hidden features for stalking- You can now stalk a person thoroughly without their knowing. It means users let their guards down and is prepared to get stalked by someone you never heard of! It honestly CREEPS THE SHIT OUT OF ME. Especially when a stranger checked out which photos you had commented on. I felt guilty as I had liked so much pictures of erm... kpop idols that is hot? >.< And made the impression of others than I'm a byuntae XD

And for the first time this year, I drank coffee. I was never a fan of this beverage because it tastes bitter. It's a big deal for me because I felt elated while typing this and my heartbeat was faster than it would normally pump. And I became nervous and kinda having sweat. I don't think I would drink coffee again. Sorry not sorry, I prefer beverages without caffeine. I felt I had a nervous breakdown after consuming a cup of it. No way I'm gonna drink that again.

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