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About this blog

Pandaroma is created since 2010. It is about a girl writing her daily life and a myriad of experience she is facing throughout her blogging journey.

This site was previously known as the-smileyy.blogspot.com , which had became her relink site now.

Pandaroma is a platform that expresses the random thoughts and feelings and it does not intend to impress people.

Why pandaroma?
The domain name is inspired by the cute animal panda. I had no idea why would I come up with this name either.

To all the readers, whether you know me or not, THANK YOU for reading my blog. And thanks for tolerating my non-impeccable grammar usage. (FYI, I've never speak a proper English before and I'm still learning. )

Pandaroma does not update on daily basis. I'll update it when I feel like blogging.

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