Tiny Finger Point Hand With Heart pandaroma: February 2011

21 February 2011


Hey ya all  I have currently reached 20 followers  -Yay- Thanks for following  Anyway, I've been very busy since school reopen  Recently school had specially held a tuition class for the year 6 students ( including me)at every weekends  Lol ,School always gives us many homework especially My Chinese Teacher 
Therefore, this year's Chinese New Year was quite FUN. During these days, we play fire crackers and have a reunion dinner
So that's it  Oh and by the way, Happy Belated Valentines Day ㅋㅋㅋ

05 February 2011


Happy Chinese New Year readers Image Today's the 3rd day of Chinese New Year  Image Luckily, school's been released a week for the CNY holiday Image  Wohoo ImageAnyway, some of my relatives came back for the reunion dinner XD
Yay currently I have collect lots of red packets Image  By the way, here's something about the new yearImage
30th of January - School's held an activity :) All the students had wore their New Year shirt Image* especially red in colour *
Chinese new year eve - We had clean our house busily at 11p.m night Image* I slept at 12.30 midnight that day* We had countdown for the Chinese New Year Image