Tiny Finger Point Hand With Heart pandaroma: June 2010

27 June 2010

MC Donald :D Yummy !***

When I arrived my class, I have remembered that today is the day that the Chinese Writting competition. I have forgotten to bring the brush, ink and the small plate, so I borrowed from Sue Ming the brush and Siew Ying the ink . My Chinese writing like this:

Click here to see! :D

By the way, Today is assembly . Huh, teacher said that if we didn't cut our hairs, we will been punished
The punish is teacher cut our hairs off. * Teacher is not a barber XD Fortunately I have my haircut , or I will become a (oo) hair. Wow, I can't believe that our school, Chung Hwa got two CHAMPIONS

My cousin, Lim Zhi Jian , He is totally in love with FIFA WORLD CUP. He always support Argentina the most ! He sometimes also support Brazil.

25 June 2010

Haha :D

Hey, readers, I have make my class 5U's blog :)
By the way, my mother bring me 4 fish. The fish are so small.
Those fishes are peacock fishes.
Got three of them 's tail so beautiful,
But got one not so beautiful (and her little fish too)

When I come back from home, the fish became more than 4,
It is 5. The mommy fish don't know when give birth to the baby fish?
Do you know what does the peacock fish eat?
Reply at my tagboard ^^
Haah! ;)

Haiz.... I can't do navigation ,
Now, my sister is watching FIFA World Cup. She support Brazil the most.

23 June 2010

Today's homeworks were so many. I have to use about half an hour to finish them . I've been reading this book now and it was interesting . The author of the book is from Korea. I borrowed it from the library :D It's wicked awesome

I have made my own emoticons to brown pinkk and here :)
But I think my emoticons too big, so i will remind those who has download please resize smaller.
Thank you for your coorporation.

For those who don't know how to do after download's people,
I'll teach you what to do after download.
Step 1: Download
Step 2:Select all, Make a New Folder at Desktop.
Step 3:Press CTRL+C
Step 4: Paste into your folder.
Step 5: Go to photobucket and upload them.
Step 6: Resize it.
Step 7: When finish, get your URL
Lastly, Paste the URL into your blog.

Done :BPhotobucket

( 1 set got 20 emoticons)

21 June 2010

Holiday's Over

Holiday is over. School is now reopen .:) Our class, 5U had a new teacher.-_-
You guess who? It is Teacher Tan , our english teacher *~.~

Yesterday 's school homeworks are super duper less

Btw, I think my post will longer than last time.


I have made a "follow me" button

I hate Tuesday so much, because got kokurikulum eh!

Pet Society is my favourite game :B

Time for some fun in the sun!

11 June 2010

Movie Time

I want to wantch this movie,
Toy Story 3!

Got new toys there

Ken, big doll and many of it.

now all I gonna do is waiting for the movie


I wanna go to LIM SHI GONG HUI there :)


02 June 2010

Happy teacher's Day

Today is Teacher's Day

We celebrate it today :)

Today many teachers wear green T-shirt,
Headmaster is green team now!


2 Minggu no school

No tuition
It will got extra homework

haha :)

nothing to write now

ok, bye now