Tiny Finger Point Hand With Heart pandaroma: June 2014

16 June 2014


I had braces last Friday, enduring a week of eating the same food, porridge. Well, it's quite painful especially the moment when you started to bite any food. I could barely grit my teeth, so eating was considered to be a problem. Now that I'm gradually healed I can finally munch any food I like as long as they're soft.. The first thing pop out of my mind was getting a smoothie since I couldn't really chew or bite. Until then, I didn't even had my first cup of smoothie after getting my braces on. It is considered publicly, as an unhealthy stomach-filler. Okay then..

Well, school had reopened yesterday. While I was walking into my class, some of my classmates avert their gazes to my brand new look, teeth with braces. Upon to their curiousness, they asked me when did I started to get braces and how do I feel (pain?) while getting braces. School ends with a pile of home works assigned by the teachers.. Geez that's quite a tired day.

Frankly, I am being exasperated today.. I've confronted with some relationship problems, to be specific, I think I'm in love with somebody? There's no way I could deny it when jealously hits me mentally. Did I fall for his "handsomeness" or his "attitude"? But one thing I could clarify, he's indeed a eye candy. Calm your kimchi down... I knew at this stage many of you have your own crushes.. Well I was one of them. I wanna break free from this damn feeling, but focus on my study. The huge problem I'm facing now, is he's like one of the best looking guys in my school and girls would probably spazz over him. Note to self: don't fall in love with such good looking guys, they could torture you mentally..

I was surprisingly heartbroken when I heard he had a crush on someone who appeared to be older than him for 2 years. Why should I care? Why am I even care things like that? Probably I was jealous?

I seriously don't want to care about it. Any more. Go away, thoughts of liking, because it was probably wasting your time. Not worth it.

03 June 2014

time wasted on holiday

Well check up my new blogskin! I fancy these types of blogskin recently so I've decided to give my blog a new yet refreshing look :) Anyway I've tested for my IQ just now. Frankly, my result was quite acceptable. My IQ score is 122. I thought it would be lesser than that.

I'm regretting for not spending my holidays wisely..  I kept questioning myself.. What had I done during this long break?! Nothing. I felt tensed up as after this break we will get ready with plenty of assignments !!!!

ARGH! My brain couldn't function properly. I've forgotten most of the subjects.... And I feel helpless with my dullness of my thinking. I need to absorb slowly what you said before I get it lol and it takes a long time for me to understand what you actually says. I'm a slower....

In fact my grammar has many errors and I need to repair my grammar.. Any advice on English grammar? I'm really bad with it. I mean, I'm bad in using 'past tense' in sentence. I need to repair it as soon as possible.

And I've plucked my teeth. It doesn't stings like last years which means yayy. I'm gonna put on braces soon during this holiday. At least I have some activities. Ha.