Tiny Finger Point Hand With Heart pandaroma: November 2015

02 November 2015


I'm literally worried with my exam results and my current catch-up speed at school. I sensed Something wrong. I've made a conclusion that I'm so desperate that I'd lose every single competition i had participated. Gosh what am I doing anyway? Maybe that's the consequent of getting too much pride over things I'd thought I could achieve. My mind is cluttered and I felt so damn lost. Lost in my own thoughts, I couldn't comprehend the confusion that overpowered my mind.  What's even worse- the teachers are pressing us to the maximum as there's a poor quantity of us that's qualified for sc1. SPM is giving me immense stress! I cannot imagine myself taking such major exam. It'll just determine where I'll stand after I graduate. It's inevitable.. Argh I knew such thing would happen sooner or later.. I don't care I wanna achieve those goals before graduation. Cause life's too short and it's the memories behind it that enlighten our lives. I don't wanna regret. Just gotta work hard. Of course things wouldn't be easy as it sounds.. I'm not a prodigy but I'm ambitious  :)