Tiny Finger Point Hand With Heart pandaroma: July 2010

31 July 2010


My drawing, Spongebob square pants ,like it?
I love watching the show

Yesterday, my cousins Zhi En and Zhi Jian came to my house Zhi En asked me to help her do her hand made clock So we do until finish, then up paint red and bottom paint yellow Then put it under the hot sun Done lols then Then we give my dog take a shower, forgot her clock So she cry " Hueh, there is a place for put your clock" , I said. Then I threw the clock to that place. After half a hours, the clock dry.


Anyways, yesterday my cousins , my sister and me decided to watch percy jackson & the olympians the lightning thief at pps (watching movie program) We started watch from afternoon 3:00 pm until about 6:49pm wow, so long, but got rest for awhile there The best part of it is at the madusa there and that Percy's power there I think it is the best movie I have ever watched Not scary , so I give the movie rate 5 stars

Click here to view the images

Lastly, I want Adobe Photoshop CS3 :D

24 July 2010

This is SHINee They have updated their hairstyle Quite nice~
Taemin - Long brown hair (like girl)
Jonghyun - The porcupine hair
Onew - The weird hair ?
Key - Ugly hair XD
Minho - The wet hair
Don't mind their hair, mind their song here
They have write a new song, so I wanted to share with you here

They're good in dancing ^^ Their MV always are the best By the Way, I have done a resource site Well, I am just a beginner of it I use about 3 days to complete them So, I wanted to share it with you by here Hopes that I have many visitors and friends here came to visit my new resource site

I want Adobe Photoshop CS3 hehe

17 July 2010


Hey guys /: i've made a special doodles , but i think it's not pretty than Audrey's .
Well nevermind , hope you guys like it .

pink panther show , it's pink :D and it's funny

Smile (:
It's great !

Well , my camera is not pink . But i would wish to get a pink one

15 July 2010

Finally, I am back again with many homeworks WAI SIEW TAI (my chinese teacher) give us so many homework! Hate* She gives us 40 questions to correct it Everyday like a bookworm

By the way, today my school had held 公路竞跑 there. The year 4 runs very short road only, but year 5 and year 6 ran
5km *kinda far * Congratulation to all my friends who had won I didn't won it. Here's some pictures of it there.

Before it started

After it started Note: My classmates are not covered in pink circle.
From down , left to right : Ho Xiao Ying, Lai Qian Qian
From up, left to right: Kang Ying Xuen, Fan Siew Ying, and Wee Zi Wei

Thanks to Chung Hwa KB at facebook for the photos.

10 July 2010

But I am here to edit my post. (
after I finish my homework now)

These days are very busy, =.=''
The reason is so many homework, plus I can't open my computer , after I finish my homework or Friday or search for information only.
Just a week hiatus ^^
Gonna reply those tags
I will be back one week soon ~

busy of homework :S
my class's blog :http://chung hwa-5u.blogspot.com , got many students post
ends here X3
Bye :D

08 July 2010


The Hello Kitty C:

Founded a strawberry at http://ferny.dailycute.net/, so I get an award
Today,many students at my class go to camp. Haha , just left 3 boys in my class , we all (the left ones) has been changed to 5K class. *Always changed to that class, don't know why?

STILL HATE WAI SIEW TAI ! SHE NO 资格 to do our chinese and moral teacher.

Changed my facebook name to " Sin Li _Grrs " I decided to change my facebook name because Ee Wai (ey) and me plan this name. We will invite my friends like... Shi Hui, Jie Wei and Xin Min.


Wohoo* done my homework at school. So many people called us ( + ) = the bookworm Now so many visitors came to visit my blog I will make a thank you gift for my visitor or friends :

Press CTRL + C, then paste in your blog.
Thanks :D