Tiny Finger Point Hand With Heart pandaroma: 2014

13 December 2014

Literally upset

Holidays are meant to unwind and relax, but not for me. They are too busy on work than to spend some precious time travelling. What is life without relax? Tension filled in the air. Every single day, they perspired more than usual, countless wrinkles plastered on their faces. Their hair started to turning grey, slowly whitish, stress accumulated but they preferred to swallow them up to keep working. 

I hate to see that they're so desperate. They deserved a day off to relax and at least, a day off without stressing over work. They had barely slow down and enjoy life, but like an effective machine, they kept working like non-stop.

Crossed fingers, I hope they can get some time off or we could go on vacation. You guys really deserve a vacation. Moreover, Christmas is coming up. I hope we can spend more precious time together, like the olden days. I hate seeing you aging and grew old yet still stubbornly cut off your relaxing time but to keep working.


04 December 2014


It's already December, the last year of 2014! While there's me, still having a bunch of holiday homeworks left to be done. I'm always procrastinating, currently stucking in the middle of fantasy world without making any progress. Seems like I'm lack of abstemious habit when I'm using the devices.

Recently, I'm addicted to play Tetris Battle on Facebook. That worsens my ideopraxist tendencies to carry out any single effective activity!! Geez, how frustrating it is.

Anyway, I've noticed that many of us here are involved in social platforms such as Facebook,  Instagram and Twitter. I'm a daily user of them, especially instagram! Scrolling instagram to check out new feeds or even new 'likes' is my daily routine. In other words, I'm addicted to it.

Nevertheless, the number of likes has already been something to be concerned about. Before I start this, I should inform you guys that what I'm going to write is only MY OPINION. NO OFFENCE PLEASE. 

If thy photo 'likes' are less than thy expected amount, then you're generally saturnine. Why does such things happen? I couldn't answer that, but what I know is, I'm also one of them mentioned here. But here's a sapient advice, we are not defined by the number of likes in facebook or instagram. Here's 3 types of Instagram users.

1) The Popular Instagrammer
And there's some type of people, had a bunch of followers exceeding 1K but followed less than 10 people. They're just ordinary people with extraordinary followers. No, not that I'm the one being jelly over here, but it's like they're pusillanimously refused to follow back? Being thrasonical that they're famous? The answer depends on how they thought of the idea.

Okay, back to the main point. Basically, I think follow back your followers are some kind of etiquette. Always remember that don't take things for granted. All thanks to the followers, you are sort of categorized in the popular group. A follow back won't cause you any trouble, right?

2) The Stalker
Basically, stalkers follow more users than their number of followers. Some of them even do not post any pictures which is kinda creepy. So I can be categorized as a normal stalker with normal posts? Perhaps so.

3) The One Who Likes Every Single Photo of A User To Get That User Follow Back
I 'beh tahan' this kind of instagrammer. They are super duper annoying to be honest. They literally spammed your timeline with dozen of likes only to get you follow them back. Worse of all, some commented on one of my ig post: " I've liked all your photos. Follow me back?" Like they are demanding you to follow back. Such a scumbag.

Oh please auntie, I won't follow you back. By the way, thanks for the likes!

When I tapped on those names, their ig posts are spammed with dozens of comments like "I've followed you, follow back?" or "follow4follow" but they seemed to ignore those comments. Seriously, such bo paiseh scumbags!  

Thank you for reading! Last but not least, all of these are just in my point of view. No offence ya!

20 November 2014

School season for 2014 has ended!

Time is tiptoeing away. Specifically yesterday was the last day of school. We had also received our psychometric results. Gladly, my marks turned to be quite good.

Our school had held a colouring contest and organised a futsal contest. Without a tinge of doubt, I took part in the former contest. On the other hand, the latter was a game for boys.

We spent about 3 hours colouring the same picture.  After colouring I was literally and figuratively exhausted. GH and I rested for a moment before we leave to the office to return the camping form to the teacher-in-charge.

It was a loss for me as I was unable to join the camp due to a problem, that it is still a raining season. Probably it is also for the sake of our safety. We're all by ourselves, not being accompanied by any adult. With that, I hesitantly put down all my hopes and decided not to go. Needless to say, there'll be way more better chances out there so I think being miserable that I could not attend is not a necessary option.

We strolled back ( coz we're too free) to the stadium, watched the futsal competition and rooted for our class.(3P) Vigorous competition between classes were trying their best to score. After it ended, it was when the results were released.

I got 1st runner up for the colouring contest and GH, with amazing colouring skill has emerged as the champion for yesterday's colouring contest. But to be honest, both of us got the same prize. The only differences was only the title.

 Each and everyone bid goodbye before we separated. It was the last day for us to assemble. I had to say that 2014 is the best year for me as a part of the 3 Pinangians. I got close with a few friends, maybe involved in some minor quarrels but managed to solve it anyway, and created many memories with my buddies and classmates. Whether they were good or bad, I will still treasure those moments.

To sum up, here's a very short video:


16 November 2014


I'm not that kind of person who holds grudges. But when I do, do not freak out by this sudden rage. There is someone turning me into a raging monster. To that particular person, which I'm not sure would you see this post, I despise you a lot. At any place, high and low, if there's your presence, I'd disgusted your bitchy presence. Note that I hate every single atom of yours.

And now, you didn't realize what you have done to me. You kept causing troubles but acted like nothing happened. If it's once, I may forgive you. Unconsciously, you have done so much that every time I tried to remember all of them, I get mentally hurt. Undoubtedly, you have left a huge scar in my heart and every attempt to apologize still wouldn't heal the scars.

You have done mistakes that can't be easily forgiven. How naive you are, by thinking that you would be forgiven by muttering many 'sorrys' in front of me. Even if you shed tears, I would take that as crocodile's tears. Without a tinge of doubt, my mind managed to comprehend a word: Fake. 

Trust is very precious. It takes a long time to build, and also a minute to break down. Once a person had mistrusted you, he/she would not had the courage to trust you- the person who left a permanent scar in his/her heart, ever again. 

You are certainly a hypocrite with a hideous personality. I had seen so much evil works that you've done, just I preferred to remain silent to avoid unnecessary fights. Now, the biggest problem is you freaking even don't know what have you done. That is the BIGGEST problem, bitch. Unfortunately, your plan works every time, so nobody would notice that. 

I was impressed. You, being a bitch as usual, were always acting up. Like when you wanna snatch friends or whatever, you managed to change your frown into a curly grin as you approached them. If there is an acting award, then you should get the best acting award. Don't you get enough of your fake friendliness, actor?

Well, it's time to face the music. You should get what you have done. All bad turns deserve another. Now, think about what you have done. You said you have no idea about that, well, nice reason, because you had forgotten all of your fake acts towards me, heh? I would not remind you, as usual. 

Here's a friendly reminder: Are you stupid or what? You have a brain. Use it to THINK about what have you done rather than using it to think of another evil attempts. As you're hurting me, I would certainly not to forgive you. That's final. 


20 October 2014

Mighty Minds Grand Final 2014 (Part 3)

Last day of our trip. We ate breakfast early in the morning and went back to pack our belongings. Upon deciding to spend some quality time before heading home, we had enjoyed a movie entitled "How to train your dragon 2" and I've retrieved a free line sundae ice-cream nearby the cinema!

I remembered I've watched HTTYD 1 and it was an awesome movie. That time I were anticipated to watch HTTYD2 ^.^ While strolling around the mall, we happened to pass by Osim with a huge Lee minho standee. Damn.. that was the day he landed on Kuala Lumpur, but we had no chance to meet and greet him :( 

Alright. We're at mid valley while he's at KL Convention Center.. We could only watch KLCC afar from our room's window.  *disappointed-fangirl*

After watching the movie, we stormed back to the hotel lobby to gather for the last time. My teacher-in-charge went to call for taxis. We're going to KLIA2.


I can tell each and everyone of us was feeling blue by observing, anyway we've managed to squeeze a forceful smile to bid farewell. 

In the taxi, I guess we're all sleepy and slept through the whole journey to KLIA2. o_o  Once we've reached there, Gan took a groupfie of us outside the airport before entering. 

*Lol* the sunshades =.= Frankly the high exposure has spoilt the quality of this picture :(

Anyway, we went there freaking early like it was 4 o'clock. We had nothing to do. So, we went to stroll around the huge airport. And I retrieved a free sundae cone (again) from Line. Tbh I have no idea why I have so many coupons like there's 4 of it;;;

In the lif ^.^ On the way to check-in. Everyone was squeezed inside this limited space :P

Image credited by Xin Min! We were waiting patiently for our flight which was half more hours to go.

Here's a picture of us, were all ready to face the reality.. Each of us had our own routine lives back .. not to mention, our vital examinations were coming! 

We've had our pain and gains during this trip. We all had fun.  Last but not least, wish you guys all the best in your upcoming examinations! Team 4. :) 

Thank you for reading. Do comment if you want :P 

18 October 2014

Mighty minds grand final 2014 (part 2)

This was the day I've awaited. The 3 of us couldn't get a good night's sleep. I remembered Angeline and I felt light-headed and nausea in the lif. We ate buffet at citicafe. The nervousness made me loss appetite. I'll not fancy any perishables even if there's the most appealing dishes are served. Despite feeling dizzy and nauseous, we're still being able to take pictures..

With a loss of appetite, I could only intake a spoonful of food and drink a small glass of milk :(

Then all of us gathered outside the hall before proceeding into it. I was damn nervous! We sat on our seats. The emcee gave us a talk before all of the participants followed the carrier cluelessly. We had reached at an unfamiliar shop. It was very early that we have to wait for the shop to open. The whole mall was pitch black with a flicker of lights hanging on the ceiling. While waiting, some of the teams were interviewed by a group of reporters with some broadcasters.

Once it is opened, everyone rushed in like busy little bees, racing against time to get materials for building their models. While, we were trying our best to get the items on our to-buy-list. We need to buy the materials below RM100 and each of us was given 45 minutes to shop. Without a tinge of doubt, we selected items as fast as we could but in a more precise way.

Luckily for us, we've managed to select our materials and queue up in the nick of time. The total price was below RM95. It was a relieve.

After that, we rushed outside and we turned out to be the last lower secondary team to be there, queuing up at the back. We ran back to the hall and perspires slightly. It was definitely exhausting once we reached there. Upon grabbing the pencils and drinking mineral bottles provided, we calmly sat back to our seat.

And the competition started.

All of us were busying to build our model within 1 hour. Gladly we've done building our Chill'n in almost 50 minutes.. Here's a sneak peek of our model: (captured by my teacher)

So we've done!

After this, all of us went out to prepare for the next challenge- Oral presentation.. We were busy memorizing our parts.

I don't understand why I am so freaking nervous. Even if I have already memorized my parts, but still, nervousness crept out and I've forgotten my part! The worst of all... when it's my turn, I was literally stuttering and it turned out to be incomplete because of insufficient time.. :(

After presenting in front of the judges, we went to be seated while waiting to be interviewed..

Well ahaha you know what am I going to say during our interview... "I am regretted not to be able to give my best performace"

Then, we went eating at Citicafe while preparing for the next challenge.. Buzzer quiz!
I had no appetite, as usual. I ate porridge again (and a bowl of ice cream) hahaha =.=

Before the competition, we were given motivation speech by honorable guests. Then, it's time for our last challenge.

Frankly, we only knew answers of 4 questions. The other teams did very well in this section. While we're hesitated to press the buzzer because we wouldn't want to risk..

So we ended up getting a nought *hahaha*

As it was the first time we've ever made to the final, we've learned many lessons from it.

And the winners!

They were awesome ! It's not easy to be a champion.. congratulations :)

One last group picture!


Gan brought the flag and I have no idea why LOL

At night, we decided to watch a  movie and we've selected a comedy genre of it. :) The movie ends at 12.30am. We felt tired and went back to sleep.

Okay, a sum of day 2: About 10 hours of competition, we've learned many things from it. Although we didn't win, but we won friendship and teamwork.

Stay tune for day 3! (last part)

Mighty minds grand final 2014 (part 1)

Howdy! After surviving restless week in preparation of examination, finally I am free! So here ya go, as I promised to blog about my mighty minds experience. (Note: there's quite a lot of pictures here! ) Even though we didn't take the cake, but we have gained experience.

Early in the morning, we've boarded the airplane to reach there. The weather was quite good fortunately. :D

Two different teams from the same school! 

A selfie at the airport before heading to mid valley! 

On the way to mid valley by riding on a cab. Sorry guys, I couldn't find a better picture of us *sheepish smile*

Once we've arrived at the Cititel Hotel, all of us went to register for our very own cards. FYI, the hotel typist spelled my name wrongly. I have no idea when did my surname changed into 'Kim' and I found that absurd. *Annyeonghaesaeyo*

View of my card! 

After getting our cards, we went to fill up our grumbling stomach as our room was temporarily unavailable by that moment. It was already 12 o'clock. We searched for eateries and ended up eating porridge =.=  

Xin min received a call from the hotel and it was already available. So we went back to grab our belongings and went to our room. 

A picture of our room. It's so comfy.

After that, we went to stumble in the mall. Before shopping, we entered Aeon Big to carry out some surveys in preparation for the next day. Then we went back to our room to rest and prepare for dinner.

One last selfie before we went to the hotel lobby.

Meet my teammates! Why r u guys so tall T_T

So everyone was there. We have took some pictures with other teams as well!

The emcee was gorgeous though :)

My teacher in charge- Pn. Dalilah was all excited and took a picture of our feet *hahaha*
After that, all of us went inside.

At first we spotted an available table so the 6 of us went to sit there.

Just then the emcee saw teammates sitting together and she remarked:" All of you should sit at the different tables from your teammates or I'll deduct your team's marks!" then the whole hall turned into a mess. Everyone was leaving their own seats and rushing off to sit at a different table.

I saw an available seat beside Gan, then I've decided to take the seat. It's okay since we're from different teams :DD *lols* Anyway, I turned up to be the only girl at the table but it's fine as long as I'm sitting with the person I knew or it'll be awkward for an all-boys table which was strangers to me and I'm the only girl =.=

So the whole eating process I kept talking with Gan hahaha. It was awkward.. Anyway majority of them was in form 3 so I guess "PT3" was the only topic I've actually communicated with them :O

While eating, we've played the Multiple-choice-quiz (MCQ)  and my table ranked the #6 with a score of 100. Angeline's table get the highest mark so they won extra goodies.

All of us wished good luck to each of our table mates for tomorrow's competition before heading back to our rooms.

My teammates and I were extremely tired but we couldn't sleep. Butterflies were fluttering in my stomach.

Alright, that's Day 1. Should continue the 2nd day in my next post.

16 September 2014


I'm joining the BSM marching competition. I don't know whether it is a right choice for me.. as exam is approaching!! The exam must be really hard, format changes..


I am getting annoyed. Basically it's mainly because I have no time to study. I grew furious because of this shitty matter. Haih.. how frustrating is it!? moreover, mighty minds is approaching.... I keep every bit of stress with myself. It's suffocating... and I'm not fluent in speaking English..

For me, I think time management is important because it really affects how we do in our lives. I am suck at it. Frankly I've wasted a lot of time in playing apps..... without realizing time flying away... plus when I'm building sandcastles in the air lol. At the end I am regretted for unable to do anything efficient.

Anyway, we are preparing for Mighty minds during this holiday. The process is tough, but it's worth it. But my personal time management is weak. So I could barely touch any single book..  I cannot admit it, the process is surely tough... haihhhhhhhh

The most important exam is approaching!! WHY SO FAST T_T WHY WHY WHYYYY
I hope I'll have ample time to revise and recall my memory :(

I cannot think of the solution in Maths... how to solve the question lol//// Brain! Where are you :(

Geez, the list goes on and on..

I have so much to do during this hectic week of school holidays! Sadly, I don't know how to manage time omggg ;(

*Deep breaths*

I dont wanna be tension anymore.... look at how frustrated I am now..

I just hope that............................................ I could solve this problem asap.

I feel like blogging cause it releases my stress :D

Nah, just being the usual me lol

I don't even know what I am saying =.=


I hope our team can make it to the top 5 ...


16 June 2014


I had braces last Friday, enduring a week of eating the same food, porridge. Well, it's quite painful especially the moment when you started to bite any food. I could barely grit my teeth, so eating was considered to be a problem. Now that I'm gradually healed I can finally munch any food I like as long as they're soft.. The first thing pop out of my mind was getting a smoothie since I couldn't really chew or bite. Until then, I didn't even had my first cup of smoothie after getting my braces on. It is considered publicly, as an unhealthy stomach-filler. Okay then..

Well, school had reopened yesterday. While I was walking into my class, some of my classmates avert their gazes to my brand new look, teeth with braces. Upon to their curiousness, they asked me when did I started to get braces and how do I feel (pain?) while getting braces. School ends with a pile of home works assigned by the teachers.. Geez that's quite a tired day.

Frankly, I am being exasperated today.. I've confronted with some relationship problems, to be specific, I think I'm in love with somebody? There's no way I could deny it when jealously hits me mentally. Did I fall for his "handsomeness" or his "attitude"? But one thing I could clarify, he's indeed a eye candy. Calm your kimchi down... I knew at this stage many of you have your own crushes.. Well I was one of them. I wanna break free from this damn feeling, but focus on my study. The huge problem I'm facing now, is he's like one of the best looking guys in my school and girls would probably spazz over him. Note to self: don't fall in love with such good looking guys, they could torture you mentally..

I was surprisingly heartbroken when I heard he had a crush on someone who appeared to be older than him for 2 years. Why should I care? Why am I even care things like that? Probably I was jealous?

I seriously don't want to care about it. Any more. Go away, thoughts of liking, because it was probably wasting your time. Not worth it.

03 June 2014

time wasted on holiday

Well check up my new blogskin! I fancy these types of blogskin recently so I've decided to give my blog a new yet refreshing look :) Anyway I've tested for my IQ just now. Frankly, my result was quite acceptable. My IQ score is 122. I thought it would be lesser than that.

I'm regretting for not spending my holidays wisely..  I kept questioning myself.. What had I done during this long break?! Nothing. I felt tensed up as after this break we will get ready with plenty of assignments !!!!

ARGH! My brain couldn't function properly. I've forgotten most of the subjects.... And I feel helpless with my dullness of my thinking. I need to absorb slowly what you said before I get it lol and it takes a long time for me to understand what you actually says. I'm a slower....

In fact my grammar has many errors and I need to repair my grammar.. Any advice on English grammar? I'm really bad with it. I mean, I'm bad in using 'past tense' in sentence. I need to repair it as soon as possible.

And I've plucked my teeth. It doesn't stings like last years which means yayy. I'm gonna put on braces soon during this holiday. At least I have some activities. Ha. 

21 May 2014

striked feelings

Optimists seeks chances in every difficulties, while the pessimists seeks difficulty in every obstacles. That's what the folks say. I've not been able to present well in the oral presentation at class today. During my presentation, my hands and legs were shaky. My voice slightly trembled and faded. Then, I shifted my eyes to somewhere, as if there's an imaginary spot to gaze onto. I failed to make eye contacts with my classmates nor the teacher. I was shy, awkward and nervous. Butterflies filled my stomach. I wished I could dismiss those feelings.

I wasn't like any of those who is ebullient, in other words, full of confidence, energy and good humour.  I find myself to be vice versa of the statements above. Perhaps, I shall solve the labyrinth and found myself a great solution for all the answers. 

Tension is accumulating, and stress is coming on its way. I tend to be peeved or getting annoyed, and even holding grudges. These are the effects that are done by stress. Grey-hairs are starting to grow. I'm not the kiddo anymore, more likely a fatigue adolescence. Dark eye bags are hanging under my eyes. I tend to eat more than before, as I often get hungry in a matter of time. 

I had to knuckle down, to work harder. However, health plays the most important role. According to logic, you couldn't do anything if you're sick. Thank goodness, my flu is healing. I hate stuffy nose, having an awfully voice is a terrifically bonus.  

If you never give it a try, how could you know?

18 May 2014

Feeling blue

Geez.. I've caught a fever. These days I keep sneezing and it really bothers me. I hate to catch a cold especially during these days... I mean we are going to face a huge exam not longer after this. I am now heavy-minded, writing for this blog post. I could not think anything now.. my mind seems to shut down and not functioning. Is it a cause of fatigue? Am I fatigue? I am always tired nowadays because lack of sleep.  I cannot sleep to be honest. My mind keeps running some random scenes..

Recently, the rumor of Kris leaving Exo is spreading like wildfire throughout medias and the web. It caused me headache. Seeing the bias you adored and loved to left, yea, that kind of headache and sad. I hate myself for wasting so damn much time in searching for the latest Kris's news. I have many things to do in my list but they were all postponed.. Okay.. I won't spend too much time in social media platforms. Especially Instagram. It's freaking addicting because fans from all around the world keep updating the news and rumors.

However, I don't believe in those rumors. I believe in Kris. I knew Kris very well through Exo Showtime. Yifan or Kris, is a fragile exo-m leader that is always goofing around but he is very kind to fans. He wanted to show us the cool side of him but being derpy as he is, he tends to become very funny and goofy. He is kind-hearted and fragile. Yifan knows how to appreciate fans. He loves the fans as much as they loves him. I am one of them. He loves galaxy.

If the rumors are true, I will be very sad and devastated. Kris is my ultimate bias in Exo. Frankly, there's a woman teacher who looked exactly like him in features. I giggled when I saw her by every chance. But now, I need to avoid looking at her. This heart aches fucking much every time I saw her. Even I hold back my tears when there's a picture of her on Facebook happens to appear in front of the screen. She reminds me of Kris.

I don't know what to do anymore. I feel helpless right now. I just hope all shall end like it would be. A happy ending is what I wished for Kris. He deserves that. I don't want to see him crying because it makes my heart aches. Please, I pledged for miracles in May. And I hope my sore throat and cold will relieve as soon as possible. I want a good health condition so I can do anything I like. It prevents me from studying cause lack of concentration and dizziness.

18 April 2014

Mighty Minds 2014

So I had take part in Mighty Minds at 12 April 2014. This was an awesome experience for me, as we managed to get the first price!

I can't believe we had win. We defeated over hundreds of team in the first round. And Xin Min commented I was teary-eyed when I saw the current rankings on the LCD screen that we succeed getting #3 , which means top 5 in the MCQ part. Xin Min and Angeline and I were very happy that we screamed when we were in the third of the ranking. 

The questions were actually odd. Mostly about current affairs. I remembered a question of Barack Obama's secretary. Angeline knew the answer. It's a korean but I have already forgot his/her name. Li Na- the tennis player, Xin Min knew that. And some tourist stuffs Xin Min knew. While me, trying hard to shoot some answer and eventually, I guess 3 questions and 3 out of 2 is correct. hahaah.

Next, the hands-on challenge. The theme for lower secondary is 'paper caper'. Before the day of this competition, Xin Min and I went over to Angeline's house to prepare for the hands-on. So, we decided to make a model regarding about illegal deforestation. This idea came out of my mind but I remain unsure. After telling it to Xin Min and Angeline, they agreed. Here's a picture of our model.  

I knew the model is ridiculous right hahaha. Our model keeps topple so we need to fix it.

After the hands-on, we are the fifth group to present our model in front of 3 judges. I like how Xin Min and Angeline presents confidently to the judges and also the public, while me, like a tiny little mouse, didn't dare to look at the judges while presenting mostly because I couldn't remember what I am going to say so I end up looking down to read my part.

After the oral presentation, we went back to the place where we put our belongings to hydrate ourselves. One of the contestants which happens to be my school's teammate praises our confidence when presenting, especially Angeline and Xin Min's. He said when he was strolling around the mall Angeline's voice could be heard and it was very good.

So there's a friendly guy who I think he's in charge of Mighty minds came and approached us. He praised Angeline and Xin Min. He wants me to speak, not read, because after all it's about Oral Presentation.
I hope I can overcome that fear in my heart when it comes to speaking English in public. I'm so going to brush up my English oral skills after this.

After waiting for some time, we went nervous because the result for oral presentation has revealed. My teacher in charge was also nervous. Then, the emcee revealed the fifth, forth, third, second. I felt a pang in my heart. Maybe this is the end of our competition? Then, First Place! Our oral presentation made it to the first place! We cannot be happier than this. We squealed and went to our places respectively to prepare for the last stage- Quiz w/o Multiple choices.

Before that, the emcee called Xin Min to stand beside her. Xin Min was the best presenter, said the emcee, as she defined 'paper caper' well. Claps for her!

Our group changed to Team A. I had to admit the hardest stage is the 4th stage. Until now, I was regretted for something. The question was about pancreas and pancreatic juice, if I am not mistaken. What's the disease for excess glucose? I knew the answer. But I was nervous until my mind went blank. So the emcee gave us hint, the letter starts with D. D? I knew the answer... but I couldn't think anything...  So the question went off and nobody get a score of it. Diabetes! I knew that! I kept blaming for my nervousness. No more nervous please! Grrr...

So we went through the questions and we barely scored for one question. Angeline hit the buzzer and said cocoa powder for a question which I barely remember. I remembered the standard number of piano keys is 88. Batman used Ramboghini. And some geography questions with a answer of Calcutta, India. Sorry, I cannot remember those questions hehehe...

And finally the 4th stage was over!! We waited nervously at the side.. Who wins... that was what we thought. I am very proud of my team because we managed to come this far... I am very grateful. I was expecting our team to be 2nd.

So the 5th, 4th, and 3rd place winners had taken their respectful prizes and posed for the camera. There were two teams left. Either one of the team was the champion.When the emcee announced the second prize winner, Angeline and I went excited and jumped. hahaha. So we are the first prize winner... Xin Min, Angeline and I clapped and bounced excitedly and high-fived before grabbing our prizes.

I want to thank Xin Min for being confident, brilliant and energized, and she helps me to calm down a lot! Angeline thanks for being helpful when I'm nervous, reassuring words that made me feel better. Words as simple as Hwaiting or You can do it had made me feel energized. I felt blessed to have such nice friends.

Here's a photo of the champions hehehe.. Proud of our school!

I was astonished when I saw us featuring in the newspaper.  So we're going to Klang Valley to compete with all the champions from states! They must be really good. Wishes best of luck in September for the upcoming Mighty Minds national competition!

Here's a bonus for readers!

A video of us. Enjoy~

22 March 2014

activities in school

好久不见啊! I feel like typing Chinese starting now. Seriously I need to get improvement in my Chinese... so does my English.  *Language advancing in progress, hopefully*

As you can see, I haven't updated this blog for a few months. To be honest I'm busy dealing with school activities.

Staying back in order to practice, practice and practice....

However, its worth to be busy and having such packed daily schedule. And our hard work totally paid off as....

Our choral speaking team advanced into the final! 

And I am glad. Practice does make perfect.

I hope our team can remain to have strong teamwork. So that we can grab the name of champion. It's okay to lose too, because we've tried our best. 


Few days ago, I've joined the Mighty Mind - Quiz contest. Each team must have 3 participants. It's about general knowledge. I don't know can I do it.... 

Honestly, I know nothing about general knowledge and it's my first time to take part in such contests. So, the problem shall be solved in no time. I should.. no, MUST surf Google and some general knowledge or Quizzes asap! 

这是一个很不错的经验吧。。我希望我队可以在这次的常识比赛获胜! 但是, 一定要加油, 努力。 相信自己! 为3棕班争光!

My Chinese level : Elementary school

19 January 2014

Exam week after this

I've never thought about this year will start with a busy schedule. Currently I'm going to face an important examination. AND SADLY IT WILL START AFTER THIS WEEK and you have no idea how I feel now.. I feel bad for myself because I didn't really focus on studies these few days but no more, because I'm going to change that! I'm seeking for determination and inspirations in order to study :)) Just, I hope I can recall what I had read during form 2 and 1 as I had nearly forgotten most about it. 

I believe myself and I can do it. Wish me luck :))