Tiny Finger Point Hand With Heart pandaroma: July 2015

22 July 2015

In a surge of time

this week is damn packed with a bunch of activities! I'm so damn busy right now and need to juggle my precious time with preparing of the ultimate competition that spends most of my time but I can assure myself the result would be pretty beautiful :*...And for my days-after exam( nay) and I need to do revision. FML. I had barely any time to rest. Maybe it's busy but I hope it's worth it.... Clasping hands.. ITS OBVIOUSLY GONNA BE WORTH IT U IDIOT BAKA

So, I should get started to plan well. No more procrastination. There's countless f*cks repeated in my mind haha.. And this is what we call STRESS.  Jiayou bah LSL!!! Beat the impossible and conquer the inconquerable!! Don't give them a shit :D (excuse me I'm motivating the shit out of me)

07 July 2015


The difference between genius and stupidity is that; stupidity has no limits. - Albert Einstein.

I was peeved for my stupid behaviour in any forms!! So careless yet so dumb, I still couldn't solve my own problems related to my life and the difficulties in my studies.. I've come a crossed with so many questions but I remained silent...

That is stupid, I know. I cannot help myself being such an asshole that is denser than a concrete!! Fuck this stupid behaviour; it HELPED me so much that I was perplexed in many subjects...

Being a normal human I forget things easily, especially the peribahasa which I've been working on for a year... I couldn't help being emotional and it hurts to accept the fact that I've already forgotten most of them....

Now I can conclude a thing: form 4 life is not yet for honeymoon. Strive hard and struggling between projects & homeworks and those freaking monthly tests... I just couldn't bear it!

Im hereby to complain Someone who taught me maths and it is damn terrible -.- I cannot understand a single thing from her.. And she often got mood swings as if she's on her worse days everyday? Sulking while sitting at the chair, not willing to teach us... And when we asked her questions she will hiss:" WHy you don't pay attention during my lesson?! That's why u dunno how to solve this! " and that makes me speechless

So now my maths is damn terrible! Hopeless

Define hopeless?
Hopeless is when u know that your knowing is limited and you have no choice but to copy the answers from your friends unwillingly

That's what I felt.. I hate being hopeless

Spurt out the Condensed

I raised my head up
Escaped from the confined trap
Stick and stones will not break me
Heartbeat still palpitating 
My lips went trembling
Gazing at the sea of crowd
And I'm standing by my feet
By the miasma of crowd
I surged to find my inner peace
But fear devoured
Conquered the unconquered soul
There might be a slim chance
I keep my head up
Glinting the lights of hope


I'm gonna change this undeniably true fact about myself whenever I faced a crowd of people! And slowly I could see the positive result of my hardwork. It takes A LOT of time to transform myself for the better. Right now, I think I'm able to express myself well much much better than last time. There's no formula , you just gotta be expressive :) Curse words might help a lot. 

To myself: If you ever feared the future, visualise your success and KEEP CALM. nothing's gonna work if you are flustered. 2nd, think of the quote:" I'm gonna give out all my inner strength to this presentation today and impress the motherfuckers! Fuck all the way!!!" Haha lol, excuse me if you don't mind. Those words really helps me out !

#How's my random poem :P