Tiny Finger Point Hand With Heart pandaroma: March 2013

30 March 2013


Hellooo all! So I'm here with my new layout. Kk my title refers to SHINee- stranger as this is my most favourite song ever.
A few weeks ago, i got participate in a contest which consists of my classmates. We made a team. One of my teammate chose Beautiful Night as our singing track. We continued to stay back after school to practise our song and dance moves for the competition but less than half teammates are absent. They always refuse to stay back. I thought we are going to be in deep trouble. But at the competition, they did a great job so far?

And the day after that, winners were announced. Guess what, my team is launching to the final. I just can't believe it. We didn't do our best but the result is not quite bad.
My friend's team which is performing my favourite group's song- Sherlock didn't get into the final. That's saddening. At least, you all have done your best. Fighting!

Have you seen the news about SHINee rumours again? It says Onew and JungAh are dating, Onew smokes, Onew points middle fingle...
Why did these kind of incident happen to Onew? He would totally be very embarrasing. But the dating problem seems kinda true. (my opinion) JungAh says they are just best friends. I hope all the things is like what she is saying. Fine. He doesn't smokes and accidentally points middle fingle without knowing.

Let bygones be bygones, Onew, don't think about your past. Let's all forgot those awful problems and continue to show support to them. :) Okay I know the topic is switching now... lets switch back to school. tomorrow.

So fast. The holiday ends after today. I want more! lol.. the time cannot look back :( A few days later, we will perform Beautiful Night at the stadium. I am getting my nerves on now by thinking of it.  Give me luck! Bye~