Tiny Finger Point Hand With Heart pandaroma: January 2016

01 January 2016


After watching every kpop broadcasts such as gayo daejuns, I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed. I just realise my life is painted with shades of colours. Being a kpop fan is genuinely the best choice. I've never regretted being a fan of many groups... Attending to kpop concerts and meet new fans, that's what I enjoyed the most. However, happy things won't last. Dreams will vanish as reality hits, which indicates I'm gonna face a major exam in my upper secondary life, known as SPM.

Watching kpop broadcasts from afar, I've been hit by a pang of reality, that the exam is going to come soon. Trapping myself in fantasy won't excuse me from taking that exam.. And so far I've come to realise that life is damn awesome without major exams and things to worry about. I've lived that moment, which is during the rose period of my life, aka my lower secondary life. I missed it so badly as that was when I had time to chase kpop idols. Now I don't. Life is too busy and the reality is harsh, sad to say.

2015 is going to end in a few minutes. Honestly, there's nothing remarkable happened in this year. Just some bad days, that's all. The bad days outweigh the good days.. So that's my conclusion. Apart from that, I'm grateful because I've made it through this year. I've challenged myself for a better change, to be braver but still in progress. I've got hurt by my silly thoughts, but everything's okay in the end. And I'm in love with BTS. It's a recent matter lol and I come to like them very much :) I think chasing idols are better than liking someone, just my opinion okay.  Obviously, I've got these experience throughout the year. But gladly I've chosen the kpop fandom life and I'm proud of myself. How I wish I can stop the time and do everything I've regretted. I regretted for procrastinating. But this is what I'm doing throughout this year. Yeah, something ineffective. I won't look forward to anything that'll happen in 2016, and I had no idea what will happen in the future. But there's a thing I know: I'm going for it. That's what my brain whispers. How I missed the good old days.... Sigh. And namjoon, please take care of yourself. ARMYs are worried.. 방판요빠 사랑해요..나는 당신이 그립습니다 😭 나는 당신의 콘서트 에 참석할 여정 💓